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How Has The England Lionesses’ Euro Win Changed Women’s Football

England Women v New Zealnd Women 2019

England Ladies changed the landscape of football with their 2-1 win over Germany at the Euros this year, not only making history but forever changing how people think about women’s football.

Around 50 million people tuned in to watch the Lionesses win their first European title in 2022 which was double the number of viewers who watched the 2017 final which is fantastic to see how far the game has come in such a short space of time.

Men’s football leagues have always attracted a lot of attention, with big clubs like Liverpool and Manchester City pulling in fans worldwide and people of all ages wearing their favourite players’ shirts. However, with this increased popularity of women’s football, things seem to be changing for the better.

Here is how the England Women’s Euro has changed the future of the game: 

Encouraging potential players  

The England Women’s triumphant win stands as an inspiration to sporty girls who have a passion for football, showing them what is possible for women’s teams in a sport previously dominated by men. It has helped young girls and women to believe in themselves and push them to the level they desire to go.  

The legacy left behind by the win seems to already be inspiring young girls. A study showed a 50 percent increase in girls aged 13-24 dreaming of reaching the top levels of the sport compared to two years ago.  

Changing attitudes 

Attitudes towards women’s football have slowly turned over the years in favour of encouraging young girls to pursue careers in the sport. The Euro 2022 win further discredits the false myth that football is strictly a man’s game and paves the way to inclusivity in the sport.  

On the back of this win, there is no better time to increase opportunities for girls at a grassroots level for young girls hoping to play. This could include British schools working with local sports clubs and developing girls-only leagues to create safe and nurturing spaces for young footballers.  

More opportunities 

An unfortunate truth is that male footballers receive far more commercial opportunities than their female counterparts, including more profitable sponsorship deals.

This is set to change in the wake of the England Women’s performance with some team members set to rake in as much as £4 million in sponsorship deals.  

Not only does this move towards bridging the financial gap between men’s and women’s teams but it shows young girls that financial success is possible in a football career.