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5 Tips To Help You Help Improve Your Mental Health

woman comforts man

Today is World Mental Health Day and with recent research suggesting that there has been a 66% increase in reported depression post lockdown, when better to look at how we can take steps to improve our mental health and wellbeing? 

Dr Pegah Shojaii TMS Practitioner at SmartTMS shares 5 tips to help you feel more in control and in turn help improve your mental health: “I believe that feeling in control of our lives is an important factor in improving mental health and wellbeing.

A sense of control can influence our behavioural responses, and enable us to feel less overwhelmed, and more empowered. The 5 things we could all do to feel more in control, includes:

1. Have a routine/schedule in place – this not only helps manage expectations but also provides structure to our lives.

2. Challenge anxious thoughts – being able to confront those negative thoughts that wander in our minds, and change our negative responses, provides us with an opportunity to develop a proactive approach in overcoming challenges.

3. Practice mindfulness – This can help create self-awareness which is strongly linked to self-control.

4. Take a step back – e.g. when challenges occur: step back, re-evaluate the situation and then take lead, by doing this we can identify alternative solutions and thus increase our emotional awareness.

5. Practice emotional and physical wellbeing – you can do this by eating well, sleeping well, exercising, and also strengthening your self-compassion. This can be vital in helping us feel more in control of the physical and psychological aspects of our lives.

SmartTMS, a non-invasive treatment that uses magnetic pulses to stimulate areas of the brain that can relieve symptoms of depression, along with other mental health conditions. 

TMS treats the brain circuits involved in the condition, as opposed to flooding the brain with chemicals. 

SmartTMS also want to be able to provide support for people suffering, not only through the treatments but also with their FREE Mental Health Self Care Packs. 

Each pack contains activities and tips to challenge negative thoughts, coping mechanisms and advice on how to avoid relapses.