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4 Of The Healthiest Places To Live In The UK

Young sporty woman runner in blue sportswear jumping on the beach outside

Health is something we’ve all become more aware of in the wake of the pandemic and where we live can have a tremendous impact on our physical and mental well-being.

But what is it that makes a place healthy? Is it the landscape and the environment? Is it the air quality? Or is it something quietly indefinable?

We’d say it’s a little of everything and in the UK, we are lucky enough to have extensive countryside and coastline, but the cities are also some of the least polluted in Europe, though we do undeniably have our hotspots.

To underline, however, that it’s perfectly possible to live in one of the UK’s best cities and still enjoy a healthy life, here we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of the healthiest places to live in the UK; from Northampton to Milton Keynes


While Northampton is known for having one of the unhealthiest high streets in the UK, the suburbs and specifically the Spring Park area boast some of the cleanest city skies in the country.

There are also dozens of sustainable businesses in the area and Northampton College recently built a new eco-friendly classroom that incorporates everything from a green roof to solar panels and green water heating systems.


Brighton is known by many as an LGBTQ+ paradise and one of the UK’s most iconic seaside locations. The coastline location has much to offer, with some of the best coastline walks in the country, which will always be a benefit to your physical and mental health.

You also get more sunny weather across the year when compared to other locations in the country and has 1670 hours of sunshine a year on average.

Sunshine is very important for your health so this might be a good location for someone with seasonal affective disorder or Vitamin D deficiencies, as you are getting that much more of what you need organically.


Wales’s second-largest urban area has many green spaces for residents and offers a perfect balance between urban convenience and greenery.

It’s one of the warmest locations in the UK too, with an average temperature of 11 degrees all year round. If you like to eat well it’s also home to some of the best health food restaurants in the country.

Milton Keynes

Air quality is based on the combination of nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide emitted into the atmosphere. According to the World Air Pollution scale, Milton Keynes, a city based in Buckinghamshire, has some of the lowest pollution rates in the UK.

If you are lucky enough to call this place home you can breathe happily, without worrying about toxic air. Milton Keynes also far outdoes its surrounding cities for green outdoor spaces and is renowned for having a generally green community.