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Gym Bag Miles


By Virgin ActiveUPDATED: 05:28, 21 February 2020

Brits carry their gym bag over 200 million miles per week, without even making it to the gym.

British workers are accumulating a whopping 224 million ‘Gym Bag Miles’ a week, the equivalent of travelling to the moon from Earth!

New research by UK health club Virgin Active shows that on average, Brits leave the house three times a week with the best intentions of getting in a workout at lunchtime or after work, however numerous excuses result in them never actually setting foot in the gym at all.

Top excuses for sloping off without opening their gym bag include being too tired or stressed after work (34.9%), running late at work (31.9%), being easily talked into going to the pub (16.3%) and it being too dark to do anything but go home and watch TV (8.1%).

This means that Brits carry their gym bags, on average, 16 miles to and from work without opening them each day. They accumulate a whopping 224 million miles a week between them, with Londoners being the top offenders and building up the most Gym Bag Miles with 20 miles a day.

Andy Birch, Product and Fitness Director at Virgin Active says, ‘Finding time to go to the gym is a daily struggle for people all over the country. An effective workout doesn’t need to consist of hours and hours in the gym. We’ve developed a brilliant class timetable which encourages our members to make the best use of their time.

We hold high intensity workout classes at Virgin Active, such as GRID and IronZUU, which last at least 30 minutes and work you hard in a short space of time or if you’re really pressed for time we even offer a speedy workout session at just 20 minutes.’