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Gold’s Gym Names Fitness Superstar Simeon Panda Global Brand Ambassador

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Gold’s Gym, the most iconic name in fitness, has named bodybuilder and fitness mega-influencer Simeon Panda as the new face of the brand.

The partnership bridges the famed, Venice-born gym’s storied past to the future of the evolving brand.

Panda, who has more than 17 million social media followers worldwide, joins past body-building icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbu who have famously chosen Gold’s Gym as their muscle-building home.

Panda is a longtime regular at The Mecca, the name given to the flagship Venice Gold’s Gym for its global status as the center of the bodybuilding world.

“Simeon’s authenticity, commitment to fitness and high standards coupled with his genuine love of Gold’s Gym makes him a natural fit for the brand,” said Gold’s Gym CEO and RSG Group North America President Sebastian Schoepe.

“With this partnership, we want to foster a worldwide community through fitness and showcase the evolution and progression of the brand.”

Starting in May, Panda and Gold’s Gym will unveil a new four-week fitness program, Then Mecca Method. Panda will create ongoing motivational and instructional content to lead the next generation of fitness fanatics at Gold’s Gym through the challenge.

“Golds Gym Venice embodies everything I love about bodybuilding, the passion and camaraderie is unlike anything you can experience anywhere else, it is as much in the history that adorns the walls, as it is in each individual that frequents the establishment.

I am honored that my passion is recognized, and I am excited to proudly carry the torch for the next generation,” said Panda.

“My lifelong goal has been to share motivation and positivity within the fitness community and this partnership with Gold’s Gym gives me another platform to inspire others and take them on this journey with me.”

Gold’s Gym’s enduring legacy includes welcoming those new to fitness as well as famed body sculptors.

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