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Get Fit at Home With CAR.O.L


Working out on CAR.O.L is helping to empower people to lead healthier lives. Not only does it raise your fitness levels but the endorphin release associated with working out on CAR.O.L gives an incredible boost for your mental health, essential when we are stuck at home and trying to stay fit.

CAR.O.L is the scientifically proven game-changing exercise bike, that uses AI to give you a personalised, true HIIT workout. 

You only need 3 sessions a week on this innovative stationary bike, with only 2 x 20 seconds of intense, hard work that pushes your body to its limit (a total of 9 minutes per ride).  Working out on CAR.O.L is going to change the way you exercise – forever – and you won’t even sweat.

  • Using AI, the bike automates, and personalises, with constantly self-learning algorithms to optimise your workout – it’s like a having your own scientist calibrating every workout session
  • Audio and visual prompts guide you through each session working all the time to give you the optimum workout, slowing you down if you’re working too hard and making you work harder to get you to your peak
  • A session on CAR.O.L rapidly deplete glycogen stores and burns fat – supercharging your workout, your day and your life

The prestigious American Council on Exercise did a randomized independent trial on CAR.O.L and pronounced that the effects on the body of 2 x 20 sprints on CAR.O.L three times a week are the same as the recommended 5 x 30 minutes exercise a week, or a 45-minute jog, making obsolete government guidelines on exercise.

How does it work? When you push your body to its maximum (the 2 x 20-second sprints), your body reacts like it’s being chased by a tiger – your legs quickly use up all their glycogen stores, depleting all the energy from your legs to get you moving as fast as possible.

Because your body is in flight mode it urgently starts looking for glycogen from the rest of your body so that you can keep moving, quickly burning fat stores causing your blood sugar and your blood pressure to drop too. You get a full cardio workout in a fraction of the time of any other kind of exercise regime.

CAR.O.L is not a large machine and easily fits into a corner of a room.  It comes complete with a year’s membership as a special offer during these difficult times.

CAR.O.L will help you get fit and lean and help keep exercising and the beauty is that you only need to do 3 sessions of just 9 minutes each to keep you in shape.


CAR.O.L works by targeting your thigh muscles, and the glycogen in them, the biggest stores of sugar in your body. Our thigh muscles do not like to give up their energy source because our lizard brain is programmed to be able to escape danger as fast as possible at all times, so, we need that energy to RUN on command.

Working these muscles to their absolute max on CAR.O.L, creates rapid depletion of glycogen, which is the sugar stored in your thigh muscles.

Your body starts to urgently look for sugar and fat stored elsewhere in your body to replace the glycogen lost during the 20-second sprint.  The sprints also set in motion a series of other molecular changes that make you fitter, leaner, healthier.

Regular workouts on CAR.O.L means your body becomes hyper-efficient at processing sugar and fat, your muscles and blood vessels get stronger and you build more energy-producing cells that increase your metabolism, even at rest.