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G-SHOCK Launch The New MUDMAN GW-9500

G-SHOCK Mudman watches

Leading the way in durable, environment resistant tech since 1995, the G-SHOCK MUDMAN is back with the new GW-9500. 

Designed to withstand extreme conditions, the MUDMAN has now been completely re-designed , incorporating G-SHOCK’s ultra-strong Carbon Core Guard technology together with the tools and functions you’d expect from a MUDMAN.


Back and bolder than ever, our new MUDMAN is issued in 3 standout colours:
Rescue Orange £349 | Military Green £349 | Tactical Black £329

With a large, easy to read display & built in tool essentials for the adventures ahead, the MUDMAN is built to explore, regardless of the territory, environment or situation at hand.

Ultra-reliable solar power ensures your MUDMAN keeps on going, powered by any light source the GW-9500 is able to charge itself from artificial light such as lightbulbs or natural sunlight.


G-SHOCK’s renowned mud resistance is back in full force with the new MUDMAN.
Boasting a completely redesigned carbon integrated shock-proof structure, the GW-9500 is built to endure the most punishing of environments.

The MUDMAN can be covered in mud, grit, dirt, sand and still operate without error or worry that it will be compromised.

Carefully designed internal gasket systems stop any external materials from entering the timepiece, keeping the MUDMAN’s tools & timekeeping reliable glance whenever you need them.


Built to perform in the harshest conditions, the new MUDMAN boasts a completely re-designed internal core guard casing.

Inspired by military grade equipment the GW-9500 is designed to be bold, durable and reliable, regardless of the task in hand.


A tool no outdoor watch should be without, the digital compass has been enhanced. The new dual-layer LCD allows compass graphics to be shown on the top layer, while the bottom layer offers a large display of the time and measurements. Easy to read timekeeping even at a glance.


Designed to be used in all conditions with or without gloves, all the new MUDMAN’s buttons and three direct sensor buttons are protected by cylindrical stainless-steel shock absorbers,  large, easy-to-operate and designed to keep mud and water out.


The case, bezel, and soft urethane band are now made with bio-based resins. Produced using renewable organic resources such as castor oil plants and corn, this material helps reduce environmental impact.

g-shock mudman


The new MUDMAN comes equipped with the tools you would expect from an outdoor performance timepiece.

Built-in direction compass, altimeter and barometer come as standard, displayed on an ultra-clear large dual LCD display.


A built in high-brightness LED backlight ensures your MUDMAN display is readable in all conditions.

An easy to find central button at 6 o’clock position allows illumination to be within quick reach.

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