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Go Create With The Limited-Edition Future 1.4 NJR Rare Edition. Let Your Tricks Do The Talking

neymar jr with future-1.4-njr-rare-edition

With a bag of tricks that is second to none, Neymar Jr. has the ability – and the audacity to drive any defender crazy.

That’s Rare. And that’s why the limited-edition FUTURE 1.4 NJR Rare makes a bold statement with a colourway inspired by rare metals and all the space-age PUMA tech to back it up. Now go create.

neymar jr with future-1.4-njr-rare-edition

More adaptive and comfortable than ever, the FUTURE is all about future innovation and pushing the boundaries of technology for players who shape the game to their vision and skill. 

With the FUTURE you don’t have to lace up to lock in. The second-generation FUZIONFIT+ technology adapts to the shape of your foot to give you the perfect balance of support and flexibility in each of the key zones, ensuring optimal fit and performance, with or without laces.

The adaptive compression technology perfectly adjusts to the contours of each foot. Paired with a lightweight Nano Grip sockliner insole, the technology minimizes foot slippage inside the boot, allowing you to maintain power transfer for explosive multi-directional movements.

neymar jr with future-1.4-njr-rare-edition

The FUZIONFIT+ knit utilizes a specific mix of polyester and spandex yarns, with special technical yarns to create the perfect balance of compression, comfort, and durability for that second-skin feeling.

The FUTURE features Advanced Creator Zones that are engineered to enhance ball grip and provide softness in the forefoot, which is key for optimal control and touch when dribbling, passing, and finishing.

The mesh material in the forefoot provides a thinner layer between the foot and the ball for added touch sensitivity. The Advanced Creator Zone patterns allow you to play without constraint, through a mix of grippy textures that help you to manipulate the ball.

The Dynamic Motion System outsole is designed for optimal traction. The super lightweight PEBA tooling system, with its eye-catching soleplate reduces weight and provides a solid base to generate devastating accelerations, movements, and skills in all directions.

The FUTURE 1.4 NJR Rare edition in PUMA Silver, Platinum Grey, Sunset Glow and Elektro Purple is available from October 20th at and at leading football retailers worldwide.