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Frankie & Benny’s Unveils Wallet-Friendly Summer Deals for the Whole Family

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In a timely move that coincides with the impending holiday season, Frankie & Benny’s, the crème de la crème of Italian American cuisine, has just unveiled an array of summer super-saving meal deals.

With the aim of allowing families and friends to relish delightful dining experiences without burning a hole in their pockets, Frankie & Benny’s, the quintessential family-friendly eatery, has stepped up to the plate.

Arriving just a few weeks before schools break for the much-anticipated summer holidays, the esteemed restaurant has introduced an assortment of deals meticulously crafted to cater to those still grappling with the ever-present cost of living crisis.

Enter Frankie & Benny’s, armed with two fabulous “always on” summer promotions, now available for indulgence until the end of August.

The first tantalizing offer extends from Monday to Friday, post 7 pm, granting guests the opportunity to revel in two sumptuous main courses, encompassing an enticing selection of pizza, burgers, and pasta dishes, all for an astounding £20. Brace yourselves for potential savings of up to a generous £15!

Bask in the delectable delights of the double bacon cheeseburger, partnered seamlessly with an accompanying side of fries, or surrender to the velvety embrace of the creamy chicken and ‘nduja fettucine – both veritable showstoppers that have solidified their place as firm favourites among the Frankie & Benny fan base.

But wait, there’s more! The second of these remarkable deals has been meticulously designed for families and friends seeking a delightful weekend dining experience.

Throughout the summer season, Frankie & Benny’s beckons with an irresistible “two for the price of one” offer on main meals, available all day Sunday. Prepare to savour savings that can reach an impressive £21.90!

Delve into the succulent depths of the New York BBQ chicken, tantalizingly laden with a symphony of bacon, cheese, onion rings, and fries. Alternatively, surrender to the timeless allure of the classic Mac & Cheese, be it accompanied by a medley of bacon or left in its pure, unadulterated glory.

Andreia Harwood, the brilliant mind behind Frankie & Benny’s Marketing department, elucidated, “We wholeheartedly acknowledge the hardships imposed by the ongoing cost of living crisis.

However, we were determined to ensure that this summer remains a season wherein our esteemed customers can relish unparalleled dining experiences alongside their beloved families.

Particularly during those long summer months when children are home, and we yearn for activities that will satiate their appetite for treats, these summer savings embody the essence of Frankie & Benny’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing our customers and guaranteeing them an extraordinary summer like no other.”