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The Protein Shake Of The Summer Is Here: Clear Whey Lemonade

Foodspring Clear Whey lemonade

Functional nutrition brand foodspring have launched a delicious new flavour to their hugely popular Clear Whey Protein line: foodspring Clear Whey Lemonade.

Arriving just in time for the summer, it really is the perfect, most refreshing post-workout drink. Not only does it provide the essential nutrition your body needs after exercise, boasting 26g protein per 30g serving, but is also delightfully thirst-quenching when you fancy something a little lighter than the traditional milky whey taste.

Clear Whey is made from whey protein isolate, a low-lactose protein powder that comes from the milk of grass-fed cows.

Instead of the typical milky taste of a shake, the lemonade flavour is far more refreshing than your average whey and is exactly what you crave post-workout.

Containing 26g of protein per serving, being low in fat and lactose and sugar-free, its light formula makes it easy to digest after training. 


The foodspring Clear Whey is incredibly convenient and makes getting critical protein in the hour after exercise simple: it provides the body with amino acids required to repair and build new muscle tissues to promote recovery and improve strength and overall fitness.

What’s more, serve the shake over ice with a slice of lemon for a dreamy sunbathing accompaniment, whilst also hitting your macros!

Simply mix it and enjoy. Lemony and fresh, Clear Whey Lemonade is the perfect post-workout shake this summer.

Clear Whey Lemonade is available at for £29.99