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2022’s Biggest Fitness Trends Revealed

man exercising in gym

By analysing the current number of monthly Google searches for over 100 different fitness trends versus the same period one year ago, PureGym has detailed which have seen the biggest spikes in interest as we approach 2022.

Weighted hula hoop workouts take the top spot as the fitness trend the whole world is searching for, with a 234% increase in interest year on year.

© Maksim Chernyshev

This will come as no surprise to TikTok users, with weighted hula hoop workouts racking up close to 200 million views on the video-sharing app alone.

Hula hooping isn’t the only alternative form of exercise being searched for either; with an impressive 124% increase in interest, Zuu ranked as the second fitness trend gaining in popularity the fastest.

A style of HIIT training created by Australian fitness guru Nathan Helberg, Zuu uses movements inspired by the animal kingdom to give a challenging full-body workout.

Elsewhere the findings reveal that in 2022, many of us will be looking to mix up our exercise routines by merging them with other interests or activities.

Plogging, which benefits both your health as well as the planet by picking up litter while you run, has seen a 22% spike in interest, while ‘beer yoga’ is also on the up, a trend that is exactly what it says on the tin: a yoga session featuring an ice-cold pint.

RankFitness Trend% Increase in Interest (Oct 2020 vs. Oct 2021)
1.Weighted Hula Hoops234.25%
3.Stroller Fitness90.90%
4.Reverse Running50.00%
5.Trapeze Classes38.88%
6.Aqua Spin24.13%
7.Beer Yoga22.72%
11.Glute Workouts22.31%
12.Short Workouts22.29%
13.Jiu Jitsu22.28%
14.Muay Thai22.28%
15.Back Workouts22.25%
17.Chair Dancing22.22%
18.Indoor Surfing22.22%

The popularity of glute workouts shows no sign of slowing down either, with interest growing even more year on year (+22%), crowning glutes as the body part global fitness fans are most interested in building, followed by the back and our calves.

On the other end of the scale, big arms may be less of a focus in 2022, with an 18% drop in interest over the last year.

It was however online workouts that saw the biggest decline, with a 64% decrease in interest year on year.

This move away from home and virtual fitness experiences and back to gyms, clubs and classes is echoed through other trends seeing a fall in interest for 2022, with virtual fitness classes and home workouts also on their way out.

RankFitness Trend% Decrease in Interest (Oct 2020 vs. Oct 2021)
1.Online Workouts-64.19%
2.Virtual Fitness Classes-62.10%
3.Virtual Fitness Challenges-55.68%
5.Bollywood Workouts-45.45%
6.Home Workouts-45.27%
7.Mouth Workouts-34.37%
9.Jaw Workouts-33.33%
10.Treadmill Running-33.14%

Stephen Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer at PureGym commented: “The world of fitness has gone through a lot of change in the last two years, and it’s been really interesting to see what trends have come out of this period, as well as which trends are on their way out.

While we’ve loved welcoming people back to the gym, we know the key to a healthy life is finding an activity you enjoy – and fitness trends play a huge part in this.

Beer yoga is a new one on us, but if it helps more people to get the benefit of movement, we’re all in!”

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