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WALK THIS WAY? The Ramblers Launch Navigation Films To Tackle Fear Of Getting Lost Out Walking

Lucy Wallace

With shorter days, and wintry cold weather now upon us, finding your way in the outdoors can become a challenging prospect. And it’s not just the weather that poses a challenge: a lack of navigation knowledge can be just as perilous.

Finding your way in the great outdoors can be intimidating: a Ramblers study revealed that 21% of people between 18-54 cited concerns about getting lost as a reason why they didn’t go out walking. 

That’s why the Ramblers, Britain’s walking charity, has launched a free, comprehensive series of videos to tackle one of the biggest barriers to getting out into nature: the fear of getting lost.

Made up of 17 short, accessible episodes and packed full of tips, tricks and tactics,  A Beginner’s Guide to Navigation is free to access on the Ramblers website and is designed to demystify the art of navigation and equip everyone with all the skills they need to get out exploring.

As well as some fundamental techniques, from map reading to compass basics, they also cover a range of practical advice for finding your way in different surroundings.

So whether you’re venturing out to discover remote parts of the countryside or strolling through town, you’ll have everything you need to find your way with ease.

And there’s no need to know your tracks from your trails: these user-friendly tutorials are tailored to cater to individuals with little to no prior experience, making them accessible to everyone.

Presented by experienced mountain leaders Sam Knight (The Ramblers Out There Award co-ordinator) and Lucy Wallace (Ramblers Scotland’s vice-president), each video is around 2 minutes long and is structured to guide viewers from the basics of reading a map to more advanced techniques. And the training is not just limited to physical maps – it also covers navigating using your phone.

Jargon-free and easy to follow, they’re the perfect preparation for taking your first step out into nature.

For those interested in enhancing their navigation skills and embracing the spirit of adventure, “A Beginner’s Guide to Navigation” is now available on the Ramblers website: