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FARM Rio, adidas, and Flamengo Unite for Exclusive Collaboration Celebrating Tradition

FARM Rio, adidas, and Flamengo Unite

FARM Rio, adidas, and Flamengo have joined forces once again, igniting the passion of fans with a new collaboration that pays homage to tradition.

Following the success of their initial partnership in 2015, which introduced iconic t-shirts adored by fans nationwide, the trio unveils a fresh collection featuring exclusive prints and diverse designs.

Centred around the theme “Flamengo is a matter of tradition,” the campaign showcases the intergenerational love for the team, inviting grandmother and granddaughter fans to model the products.

Through a captivating photo shoot, the collection captures the vibrant energy of Rio’s streets on game days, symbolizing a bond that transcends generations.

Gustavo Oliveira, Flamengo’s Vice President of Communication and Marketing, expresses enthusiasm for the collaboration’s return, anticipating that the new pieces will seamlessly integrate into the daily lives of Flamengo enthusiasts, allowing them to flaunt their club allegiance with flair.

This release coincides with FARM and Adidas’s 10-year anniversary celebration, featuring a series of drops throughout 2024.

Combining FARM’s signature prints with Adidas’s iconic three stripes, the collection epitomizes a decade-long fusion of Brazilian vibrancy and urban dynamism.

FARM Rio, adidas, and Flamengo Unite
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Following the success of the “The Sun” drop, which encapsulated the essence of summer, Flamengo now takes centre stage in this anniversary celebration.

The exclusive products will be available online, through the app, and at select FARM stores across Brazil and globally in Europe, as well as through the official Adidas and Flamengo Team channels.

Founded in 1895 for rowing competitions, Flamengo transitioned to soccer in 1912 and has since become the most successful team in Rio’s Carioca Football Championship, boasting an impressive 31 titles.

Renowned for its massive fan base, Flamengo holds the distinction of being Brazil’s most supported club and ranks among the most valuable football teams globally, underlining its significance in the world of sports.