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Tips And Tricks For Fantasy Football 2022

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Thanks to modern technology, the fantasy sports world has a more immersive experience than ever before. Fans can enjoy feeling closer to superstar players than ever.

Fantasy sports are a way to act as a team owner and manager, and it is your job to build the best possible team using your budget. 

While it is fictional, fantasy sports can be influenced by developments within the actual sport.

For example, the latest Super Bowl prop bets have an effect on each player’s average price and position.

These are some tips and tricks to help with your fantasy sports in 2022. 

Don’t Follow The Agenda

Firstly, you should try not to stick to the consensus ranking, because experts usually provide a list with the figures from last year’s finishers.

This isn’t the most reliable way to build a team, so you should focus on other things that contribute to a player’s profile. 

By looking at factors including injury, draft results, coaching changes, and depth charts, you can get a better picture of a player and use this to determine whether they would be a good fit for you or not. 

You should also avoid following the agenda alone because so many people playing fantasy sports focus on it, and will try to get the players on the list exclusively.

This can make their overall price increase if they are in higher demand, so you should avoid following the crowd in this sense. 

More Running Backs

One of the first positions to look for at the start of the season should be running backs. They are known as the workhorses that carry your team on occasion, which is why you should try to get a reliable, strong, yet powerful running back. 

Of course, you can add rookies later on to the selection depending on how the season progresses, but one of the first running backs you choose should be reliable and consistent.

Recruiting a rookie for this job can be a little risky because they are new to the game and may not know how to handle the workhorse role. 

Tight Ends Come Last

This is something that you can afford to lose out on. Most of the tight ends from last year are taken almost immediately, but you should focus the early stages on other positions rather than your tight end. 

Your tight end can be a rookie, as you can afford to take a risk with this. Whatever happens, you know that the other positions within your team can handle it. 

Quarterbacks Are Key

Another highly essential piece of the puzzle is your quarterback. It is worth securing a high-scoring player who can allow your team to progress.

You can use a rookie here, but it is worth looking into their profile to see how well they work within a team on and off the field. 

You could also consider recruiting two quarterbacks. The second will act as a backup in case of injury.

One way you could add a rookie without placing as much risk on their playoff is by adding a more experienced quarterback to the agenda, and having a rookie as a backup. 

Of course, there is still some risk involved in this because the main quarterback can easily become injured or have to sit out.

That is why you should take a close look at the profile of the rookie, including their records and career stats. 

Consider The CUDDY System

Try to avoid choosing players randomly, because you can end up with a conflicting balance or an ineffective team combination. It is recommended that you adopt the CUDDY system when you are selecting players. The acronym stands for Consistency, Upside, Durability, Depth, and Youth. 

You should consider this system when you are weighing out whether to get a specific player.

Basing some of the assumptions of their records, and how they performed over the course of a year, week, or season.

There are pros and cons of getting younger players, and you should think about the role that they would play and what position beforehand. 

While it is not recommended that you wait to draft a player until you find one who ticks all of the boxes, they should satisfy at least three of the CUDDY system. 


There is a lot of things to consider when you are setting up your fantasy sports team.

While our guide has outlined some of the key points that come from drafting and effectively creating a successful NFL fantasy team, there are many other leagues and championships that you can take part in. 

Regardless of your preferred sport, however, you will hopefully have a little more appreciation for the process and are more aware of the things to consider when creating a fantasy sports team by now.