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The Secret Skincare Routine of Award-Winning Facialist and Wellbeing Expert Chelseé Lewis

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With over 22 years of experience in the beauty industry and has worked with leading beauty editors and writers, Chelseé Lewis is the go-to skin guru offering the very best in facials and skin therapies.

Experiencing an unforgettable facial goes much deeper than just the skin…it is an all-encompassing, personal journey that indeed makes skin the focal point but also includes attention to the body and mind.

Maintaining your skin with a facial simply scratches the surface and this is where Chelseé Lewis found her chance to break through as a leading facialist to the beauty elite and create a facial fusion mixing the world of pampering and aesthetic skin care practices.

Tucked away in her tranquil studio in Mayfair, Chelseé knows good skin and how to achieve it and is the name found on many an A-lister’s speed-dial.

Offering a plethora of facials that span an array of her sought after techniques, concepts and devices, Chelseé treats all her clients with individual care, creating bespoke treatment experiences and skincare plans so each client receives not only the very best experience but also meets all their skincare goals.

Driving to keep skin healthy, young and looking beautifully fresh, Chelseé has blessed the skin of some of the most renowned individuals in the industry including Stella McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow and Erin O’Connor.

Chelseé Lewis is at the pinnacle of all beauty developments and is always keen to push the boundaries and obtain unbeatable results for her client’s skin.

She regularly introduces new concepts and adds on into her bespoke treatments that ensure her loyal and long-standing client base keeps returning. Once in the expert hands of Chelseé, you rarely go elsewhere.

From her signature facials to tailored treatment courses, Chelseé’s sought-after facial menu comes with a waiting list which includes her famous signature Le Visage facial, Microdermabrasion, Dermapen treatments, Caci facials, HIFU, Radio-Frequency) and even Chemical Peel treatments.

But her signature facial Le Visage – is a unique tailor-made treatment that can be moulded to each client’s concerns and individual needs.

This deep cleansing treatment includes a micro-peel that helps speed up skin renewal, evens out skin tones and softens fine lines and wrinkles.

Le Visage includes Chelseé’s specialist facial massage- her key step to detoxifying and bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin alongside draining toxins and puffiness.

But just what is Chelseé’s secret to looking so young fresh and vibrant?

‘’My nightly routine starts with a thorough cleanse with the Eve Lom cleanser and a muslin cloth. 

Subsequently, I would apply a thick layer of the Decleor gel prolagene as a mask, or I may apply over the top of my night cream, which I will also use an eye gel.  

Next, I would apply the Yonka cream 52 firming night cream with rosemary, which makes my skin feel really rejuvenated and tight, mixed with the Hydra+ hydration booster with Vitamin C and B5. I will massage this in for about 5 mins to get the circulation going – if I have enough time. 

I will also apply the Badger Organic sleeping balm with lavender and Bergamont to my lips and temples, followed by the Neal’s yard aromatherapy lavender oil  to my pressure points and on the pillows to help me unwind before bed. 

I then finish off with the Clarins hand and nail cream’’

For more details and a full list of all treatments available at Chelseé Lewis, please visit: