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Efe Obada Empowers South London Youth Through NFL Flag Football Partnership

efe obada with andy devaney

Last week, Sustain Health had the privilege of attending a youth camp in Crystal Palace, South London, as part of Efe Obada’s partnership program with the NFL Foundation UK, the Greater London Authority, and the BIGKID Foundation.

The event aimed to showcase the positive impact of NFL Flag football on young people in the community, and I had the opportunity to sit down with Washington Commanders player Efe Obada himself to discuss his involvement.

Efe Obada, in partnership with the NFL Foundation UK, the Greater London Authority and the BIGKID Foundation, hosted a youth camp

Obada, who grew up in South London, fully understands the support and guidance that today’s kids need. His commitment to making a difference in their lives was evident from the moment we began our conversation. Before diving into the interview, I couldn’t help but notice the fantastic T-shirt designs being distributed to the kids.

Curious about his thoughts on the shirts, I asked Obada for his opinion. He revealed that he was actively involved in their design, aiming to create something more than just a piece of clothing. “I wanted it not to be about me,” he said, “I wanted people to be able to wear this every day, like a jersey. The kids can go out in their community wearing it proudly and spreading the word.”

I then delved into Obada’s journey into American football, and he shared that he hadn’t always known he wanted to play the sport. He started playing football in his early twenties and, astonishingly, after joining the London Warriors and playing only five games he found himself playing for the NFL,

Efe Obada, in partnership with the NFL Foundation UK, the Greater London Authority and the BIGKID Foundation, hosted a youth camp

Discussing the challenges he faced on his path to the NFL, Obada candidly admitted that he encountered both physical and mental obstacles throughout his career.

When it came to the mental aspect, he emphasized the importance of having a strong support system. “I’ve got good people around me,” he explained, “so when I’ve needed to, they have been there for me to talk to and give good, honest advice. Meditation is always a good option to calming the mind.”

Obada also emphasized the significance of physical well-being in such a dynamic and injury-prone sport as American football.

He mentioned engaging in activities like going to the gym, practising Yoga and Pilates, and swimming to keep himself fit, agile, and injury-free.

We went on to discuss the stigma sometimes associated with exercises like Pilates and Yoga for men, but Obada emphasized their toughness and the numerous benefits they offer in preventing long-term injuries.

Shifting gears, I enquired about Obada’s decision to partner with the BIGKID Foundation and the NFL Foundation for his Youth Camp.

He highlighted the incredible work done by the BIGKID Foundation and expressed his desire to give back to the community and especially of his former hometown of Stockwell.

Obada had reached out to the foundation, offering to become an ambassador, which eventually led to the collaboration with the NFL Foundation, Flag Football, and the Mayor of London.

Speaking about the impact of the Youth Camp on the personal development of the participants, both on and off the field, Obada stressed the importance of mental health.

Mentioning the presence of MIND, the largest mental health charity in the UK, at the event, providing the kids with resources and knowledge about mental health.

Obada wanted the children to leave the camp with coping mechanisms and fundamental skills essential at their age. He emphasized the power of initiatives like Yoga and Pilates in challenging societal perceptions and changing the narrative surrounding these exercises.

When asked about his desired outcome for the program, Obada expressed his hope to expand it on a larger scale. He envisioned daily events like the Youth Camp, involving various charities and foundations offering diverse services.

He dreams of providing kids with access to training facilities, educational resources, mental health advice, and career guidance in safe environments across the country.

Obada’s personal experience of seizing one opportunity and turning his life around fueled his passion to create similar opportunities for others.

As our interview came to an end, I mentioned that I had planned to give away a couple of hats in a competition but faced a delivery mishap.

In a true testament to his generosity, Obada ran off and returned with a pair of signed hats for our readers, showcasing his genuine character and willingness to go the extra mile.

Efe Obada’s partnership with the BIGKID Foundation, the NFL Foundation UK, and the Greater London Authority is making a significant impact on the lives of young people in South London.

Through NFL Flag football, mindfulness workshops, and team-building activities, Obada is helping to shape a better future for these children, both on and off the field.

His dedication to community service and his genuine desire to give back continue to inspire and empower the next generation.

To find out more about the work of the NFL Foundation and the community initiatives it supports across the UK, please visit