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International Charity Street Child Launch – Education Is Her Right – A Campaign To Fund Primary Education For Girls In Afghanistan

Education Is Her Right - A Campaign

International charity Street Child has launched a campaign called ‘Education Is Her Right’ which aims to fund primary school education for girls in Afghanistan.

The country faces an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and the gains made over the past two decades, particularly in advancing women’s rights, are now in jeopardy.

The children’s charity Street Child’s has made an unwavering commitment to continue working with local organisations in Afghanistan despite the monumental challenges.

The charity’s campaign will highlight that just £100 will fund a girl’s primary education for a whole year – that’s just 27p per day!

The reduction of international development assistance, which once played a pivotal role in maintaining public health and education systems, has dealt a severe blow to the ability to implement vital programmes.

The economic downturn, skyrocketing hunger, malnutrition, and inflation triggered by global commodity shocks have further compounded the challenges faced by the Afghan people.

In July, as part of Street Child’s ‘Education is Her Right’ campaign, Street Child is delighted to announce they have an appeal on BBC Radio 4 in which will highlight the need for funding to support the charity’s work in girls’ primary education in Afghanistan. 

The appeal will be presented by Christina Lamb OBE, a British journalist and bestselling author of books such as ‘I am Malala’, ‘Farewell Kabul’, and ‘Our Bodies, Their Battlefield; What War Does to Women’.

The funds raised will be channelled to our local Afghan partners who are on the ground and working hard to use every pound as effectively as possible to deliver education for young boys and girls. 

Outside of the radio appeal, Street Child’s campaign showcases its wider mission to operate in the hardest-to-reach areas of the world, educating girls across 25 countries.

The charity’s dedicated local partners in Afghanistan are striving relentlessly to improve the lives of vulnerable communities – driven by a shared mission to provide education, protection, and livelihood support to children, women, and families caught in the grips of the longstanding conflict and recurrent natural disasters. 

Tom Dannatt, CEO and Founder of Street Child, said: “Our view, is that if you can read, write, add up and take away you have a chance in this world. If you can’t do those things, then you really don’t.

However, feeding minds is tough to think about if you haven’t put food in your mouth and you’re hungry, so every dimension of an Afghan child is under threat.

We’re really calling on the international community, in all its manifestations to play its part in dramatically increasing quantities of aid, and for members of the public to consider how they can help.

Charities like Street Child are on the ground in Afghanistan with Afghan staff and donations can and do make a difference.” 

Tom added: Keeping children and their families safe is the centre pillar of Street Child’s work: all children have a right to be safe and safeguarded from risks, especially those which impact their ability to attend school.”

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