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EA SPORTS Stands With Its Football League Partners In The Fight To End Racism And Discrimination On And Off The Pitch

ea sports fifa end racism campaign

EA SPORTS has collaborated with a number of league partners to launch a line-up of in-game kits featuring powerful messages about eradicating racism and discrimination in football, on and off the pitch.

The unique kits will be available through completing simple Objectives in EA SPORTS FIFA 23*, giving fans the chance to spread these important messages.

“EA SPORTS is committed to tackling toxicity not only in our games but also out on the pitch and beyond,” said Andrea Hopelain, SVP of Brand, EA SPORTS.

“We stand with our league partners and aim to use our platform to spread the anti-racism message through gaming. Players across the globe can now access the latest bespoke kits in-game and showcase their support for this important cause.”

ea sports fifa end racism campaign

Campaigns from league partners and EA SPORTS include:

  • Premier League – “There’s no room for racism” – The No Room For Racism Action Plan brings together the wide-ranging work the Premier League undertakes to tackle discrimination. The Premier League has also worked with designer Kingsley Nebechi and Nike, co-creating a kit and stadium vanity that displays the ‘NRFR’ message. The kit takes inspiration from tribal artwork, relating to ethnicities from around the world.
  • Bundesliga – “STOP RACISM” – The Bundesliga works hand in hand with its clubs to ‘STOP RACISM’ – a campaign that is supported by the clubs and partners of Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 throughout the year. In collaboration with independent streetwear brand Beautiful Struggles the DFL has also created the ‘STOP RACISM’ kit; a purple shirt with a strong message, designed to reflect the German Foundation’s International Week Against Racism campaign.
  • LaLiga Santander – “UNITY” – Spanish premier division LaLiga Santander worked with internationally awarded artistic collective BOA Mistura to create their ‘UNITY’ campaign. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the importance of eradicating racism in all areas of society, through the union of people. The kit design features prominent blocked colouring across the front and back, with the word ‘UNITY’ featuring on the sleeves, delivering the league’s message on the fight against racism and discrimination.
  • Ligue 1 Uber Eats and LICRA – “We are all responsible” – The French Ligue 1 Uber Eats and LICRA have created a campaign which focuses on reporting unacceptable behaviour in stadiums and online, in the fight against racism and anti-semitism. Their co-created kit includes the logo “SIGNALEZ” (or “REPORT”) on top of a red training bib inviting people to “Step forward” (or “Entrez en jeu”) and report such behaviours.
  • Serie A and UNAR – “Keep Racism Out” – Italian league Serie A is working with UNAR on the ‘Keep Racism Out’ awareness campaign to fight racism and all forms of discrimination, not only in the world of football and sport but as the campaign tagline suggests ‘Together. Everywhere’. They’ve created a kit which features the Serie A brand colours, with the ‘Keep Racism Out’ logo in white taking a prominent position on the front.
  • KNVB and Eredivisie – “ONE LOVE” – In a joint initiative between the Dutch FA, the Dutch League Eredivisie and others, the ‘ONE LOVE’ campaign looks to speak out against racism and discrimination. Alongside this awareness campaign, ‘ONE LOVE’ also consists of a training offer for football clubs to use and help educate about the power of diversity. The co-created kit going in-game features various shapes and colours which represent a statement against all kinds of discrimination. It’ll also feature the ‘ONE LOVE’ armband on the kit sleeve.