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Dwayne Johnson High Performance In-Ear Headphones


In the Iron Paradise, where focus reigns supreme, every rep is a symphony of concentration, a dance choreographed to shut out the distracting world beyond.

As the beats drop, each set becomes a powerful manifestation of rhythmic determination, with the bass pulsating through every motion, driving you deeper into your body’s own rhythm.

For those warriors who seek to channel their inner Dwayne Johnson, the guardian of the Iron Paradise, having the right gear is paramount.

It’s about zoning in, getting amped, and unleashing the beast within. Like Dwayne himself, every gym warrior deserves the gear to get into that headspace. Zone in and get amped.

Under Armour Project Rock Headphones

And now, after earning the coveted stamp of approval from Dwayne himself, the Project Rock True Wireless In-Ear Headphones, a groundbreaking collaboration between Under Armour, JBL, and the legendary Dwayne Johnson, have descended upon the fitness realm.

I have been training with these Project Rock wireless earbuds for months, personally putting them to the test until they were perfect – because they’re only good for our audience once they are good for me. These earbuds have endured the toughest workouts on the planet and most importantly, I’m giving the customers quality options when it comes to delivering music in their ears as they earn their sweat equity.”

— Dwayne Johnson

These cutting-edge in-ear headphones are not just companions; they’re battle-tested allies for the relentless grind of the Iron Paradise. Crafted to stay firmly in place during every move, these buds are not only durable and sweat-proof but also boast an uninterrupted playback of a formidable five hours – ensuring they never lag behind as you power through your workout.

Built to endure the most punishing workouts, the Project Rock True Wireless In-Ear Headphones are fortified with UA Storm technology, rendering them impervious to sweat and water. They match your intensity, rep for rep, and never back down.

With UA TALKTHRU technology at your fingertips, there’s no need to halt the momentum. A simple press of the iconic Brahma Bull logo activates the noise-cancelling feature, allowing you to maintain focus while still engaging in a conversation.

It’s a seamless blend of technology and functionality, designed to keep you in the zone, just like the Iron Paradise demands.

Experience the symphony of sound, the pulse of the bass, and the unwavering endurance of the Project Rock True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – your ticket to a louder, bolder workout with a rich 16-hour battery life.

Crush your limits, let the beats drop, and emerge victorious in the world of fitness and sound.

The UA Project Rock True Wireless In-Ear Headphones are available at, in UA Brand Houses and at select retailers.