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Personal Trainer Diren Kartal Advice On Why You Should Lose Fat Slowly

Diren Kartal

Qualified Personal Trainer, Online Coach & Fitness Influencer Diren Kartal has over ten years of experience in the fitness world and gained a social media hundreds of thousands following including millions of views across various social media platforms through his open and authentic approach that shines through in his engaging content.

Kartal is also the visionary Founder of the global health and wellness movement #neatup247, where he promotes this as a way of keeping your “NEAT UP”, upping your activity by making minor (yet impactful) changes to your everyday lifestyle, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking instead of getting the bus.

The #neatup247 hashtag features on nearly 100,000 Instagram posts, undoubtedly posted from his 235k Insta followers and with over 11 million views on TikTok alone.  

Project X shortly followed in the footsteps of NeatUp247, a purpose-built accountability and motivation platform that promises to improve its members’ physical and mental health. Building this online community has created a virtual family environment, which, led by Diren, encourages all his members to support, challenge, and motivate each other.

Members grow in confidence and knowledge, helping them navigate and implement those positive lifestyle changes that impact their health and mental wellbeing.

Here Diran explains how important it is to lose fat slowly and consistently

Losing fat slowly is far more beneficial than losing it fast, anything you lose very fast will come back just as quick as you lost it and even in some instances more so.

The process being slower means you’re going to be breaking down those bad habits slowly and re-building those habits back to a more sustainable and healthier habit for longer, meaning you’ll be getting more consistent results.

You can actually rewire and change your brain to break negative habits and replace them with more positive habits.

To build these sorts of positive habits and behaviours on your diet and exercise takes time, so if you are rushing to lose body fat the key to success is slow and steady wins the race.

Something a lot of beginners struggle with is the feeling they need to make consistent progress week in and week out.

Progress is not linear, sometimes you plateau, sometimes you are not doing what you think you are doing and expecting progress when really you haven’t done anything to even progress.

What you need to understand is when you start something new and fresh the initial progress is probably going to be quite rapid, your body then adapts to what you are doing and therefore slows down a little bit.

The common mistake that people do here is they jump onto something else or they go extreme and go, “I know what I’ll do I’ll drop my calories even more”, instead of still giving whatever you’re doing enough time to get even more progression from it. 

You cannot expect to lose weight every week and you cannot expect to increase the weights in the gym with every session. You need to learn to be patient.

Just because you are not progressing with losing weight or building muscle or looking better which is the majority of the things that we care about doesn’t mean you are not making progress with other things.

Your training is getting better, your confidence is getting better, your understanding of nutrition and training is getting better – you are now learning so much about yourself that’s going to give you lifelong changes not just momentarily.

So for you beginners on your fat loss journey that want results and want them now just because think you are not making progress each week or when you flat line a little bit that’s ok! This doesn’t mean you are going backward.

Then you will have another phase in your life where you will make progress again then you make a flat line again. The very important thing is that you are conscious of what is happening and moving forward.

Beginners! Don’t get carried away with progress week in week out. Be realistic. You haven’t been realistic to this point and as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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