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Diabetes Friendly Picnic Inspiration

Diabetes Friendly Picnic Inspiration

Picnics are a staple of the great British summertime, come rain or shine we’ll be out there with our blankets and sarnies.

If you have type 2 diabetes, however, this once fun event could seem like something to avoid.

Don’t let type 2 diabetes make you miss out on all the fun in the sun this year!

Picnic inspiration for type 2 diabetics-

1) Swap your usual sarnies for salads

Replace carbohydrates like those in staple picnic food sandwiches with healthy monounsaturated fats. Why not tailor a delicious summer salad to follow these guidelines?

Try avocado, oily fish and nuts with your salad leaves for a diabetes-friendly alternative.

This simple approach can significantly improve glucose control.

Triglyceride levels, blood pressure and cholesterol balance in people with type 2 diabetes. Plus, making a big salad like this means everyone can enjoy it together.

2) Feel fruity

Dr Brewer recommends packing fruit. “Although fruit contains natural sugars, most have a low to moderate glycaemic index and do not raise blood glucose levels excessively (though don’t over-indulge in dried fruits).

A study involving 38,000 women found those eating at least one apple a day were 28% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those eating no apples, while a recent analysis of 5 trials, involving almost a quarter of a million people, found that regular consumption of apples and pears is associated with an 18% reduced risk of type 2 diabetes”

Pieces of fruit are ideal for picnics as they’re so easy to transport, or why not combine your favourites for a delicious fruit salad.

3) Enjoy a chocolate-y treat

Just opt for dark chocolate – “dark chocolate and cocoa powder contain antioxidants that improve insulin resistance to help lower glucose levels, protect against heart disease and have beneficial effects on the circulation to reduce diabetes-related side effects!

Just ensure your chocolate contains at least 70% cocoa solids to minimise sugar content.” Try dipping your fruit into melted dark chocolate and popping in the fridge to set the night before your picnic or simply pack a tasty bar to snap and share.

And never fear CuraLin is also here – (RRP £59.00 ,, the type 2 diabetes supplement, can help keep your blood sugar levels stable and even help regulate your consumption of typical sugary picnic foods!.

This year make sure you don’t miss out on the fun and pack CuraLin in your picnic basket.

CuraLin is made from 10 natural ingredients that work with the body to help balance the blood sugar profile.

Dr. Sarah Brewer, working in association with CuraLin explains, ‘The 10 traditional Ayurvedic medicinal herbs in CuraLin, including Bitter Melon, Fenugreek, Amla fruit and Turmeric are herbs prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors help support glucose balancing.

As well as this, CuraLin’s natural ingredients can reduce cravings for sugar as it can help to regulate the intake of more sugary foods.

It can also help to reduce the want for processed carbohydrates and restrict the absorption of sugar and other carbohydrates.

CuraLin also boosts insulin sensitivity and production and supports daily energy levels – to give you that extra support needed when indulging slightly more than usual!

Don’t just take our word for it – CuraLin has lots of customer testimonials! Janet Husdell is a 65-year-old CuraLin user from Southport; she says CuraLin helps her to control her diabetes.

“The other night I went out with my husband and had a meringue nest for dessert and two glasses of Prosecco!

The supplement isn’t an excuse to over-eat sugar, cakes and carbs every day.

I do watch what I eat and make sure I exercise, but the supplement seems to allow me to enjoy the odd treat without worrying too much”. 

A picnic is the perfect opportunity to indulge in the odd sweet treat and CuraLin can take the worry out of a joyous occasion like this.