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Design Your Post-Lockdown Life Around Things YOU Want

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As lockdown restrictions ease, the pressure to say “yes” to various opportunities may start to rise, and we may be in danger of taking too much on and feel overwhelmed again.

If you were previously someone who would take too much on, this transition as we ease out of lockdown offers you an opportunity to protect your peace and wellbeing.

Use this as an opportunity to really set your boundaries. You might have even been someone who felt guilty about saying no to certain requests from family members, children or friends, but you shouldn’t!

It’s okay to say no sometimes; to not take on extra work, not pile your plate higher than you feel you can manage.

Remember to look after yourself as much as you look after others around you, or you could be in danger of burning out.

‘No’ is such a small word yet so hard to say! Here are a few tips to help you say no with confidence and no guilt.

Firstly, remember (and constantly remind yourself) that you can say no and still be a good friend, colleague, sister, person…

Sometimes you’ve just got to take care of YOU. Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person.

 Secondly, remember that saying no is a massive self-care gift to yourself. This is because even saying ‘yes’ to things you are ‘meh’ about means you will be out of time and energy for the things you want to give a big YES to.

So if it’s not a “hell yeah” – it’s a no. Use this as an opportunity to design your life around the good stuff, make space for that first so that the not so good stuff slowly slips away.

Perhaps you just don’t know how to say “no”? Here are a few ways to do that:

  1. While my heart wants to say ‘yes’, the reality of what’s on my plate right now makes this a ‘no’ for me at the moment. Thanks for thinking of me…
  2. I am really touched by your request, and although it’s hard for me to say ‘no’, it is so necessary. I’m grateful that our relationship allows me to be honest about where I am.
  3. This sounds wonderful and as much as I would love to be involved, I can’t give it the attention it deserves right now. I am cheering for your success!
  4. No, thank you (sometimes it can be as simple as that and there is no need for anything further – no need to explain yourself at all)

So as lockdown restrictions ease, just remember, you only need to say yes to the things that you truly want to do, and that you truly can do without being overwhelmed.

Design your post-lockdown life around the things you really want to do, things that set your soul on fire.

So go ahead and say no when needed without any guilt, and see for yourself how empowering it is.

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