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Revolutionize Your Pain Relief: The Deep Heat and Deep Freeze Comprehensive Guide

Deep Heat and Cold Products

Here at Sustain Health, we’ve unwrapped an early Christmas gift from the amazing team at Deep Heat. If you’ve ever set foot in a sports club or fitness arena, chances are you’ve encountered the distinctive aroma of Deep Heat.

Now though it’s become more than just a brand; it’s an ally in the battle against joint and muscle pain for individuals of all ages and activity levels.

And I can especially vouch for the products at this time as I write this with a busted rotator cuff and torn bicep.

So, where does it hurt?

According to Deep Heat’s real-world research, back pain reigns supreme, with 53% of Brits pointing to their backs as the primary source of discomfort.

Neck and shoulders come in a close second, followed by legs, feet, hips, and arms. The culprits? Often muscle strains and lower back injuries, resulting from issues like poor posture or improper exercise form, as explained by physiotherapist and Deep Heat advisor Sammy Margo.

Realistically, many of us have faced muscle strains or sprains, with 40% admitting to exercise-related injuries, commonly affecting the knees, legs, back, and ankles.

While popular self-care measures include rest, ice packs, and topical solutions, a significant number of Brits are still grappling with persistent pain.

How are we handling the pain?

In true British fashion, a whopping 61% of us are attempting to soldier on, believing that masking the pain will somehow make it more bearable.

However, Sammy Margo warns against this stoic approach, emphasizing that ignoring joint and muscle pain can exacerbate the issue, negatively impacting our lives for an extended period.

It’s not just the physical hindrances; pain takes a toll on mental health too. A staggering 65% of Brits admit that their mood suffers due to muscle or joint pain, leading to feelings of impatience, restlessness, grumpiness, and lethargy.

Despite these emotional challenges, over half of Brits (51%) put on a brave face, concealing their pain out of shame or embarrassment. The data reveals that ignoring pain only prolongs the suffering, with 87% eventually having to rest or attend to the injury.

Expert-approved tips for muscle rehab:

1. Heat Therapy:

  • Enter Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion, a convenient, mess-free solution to apply heat on the go. Sammy Margo highlights that heat improves blood flow, reduces pain, and aids post-exercise recovery.
  • Introducing the NEW Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Heat Spray, a non-medicinal complementary heat therapy with fast-acting targeted relief. Packed with aromatherapeutic ingredients, it’s a warming sensation without the drawbacks of traditional aerosols.

2. Always Warm Up and Cool Down:

  • Only 37% warm up before exercise, and a mere 28% cool down afterwards. Margo stresses the importance of these rituals to prepare muscles for activity and aid in recovery, potentially preventing injuries.

3. Don’t Ignore Your Physio:

  • If you’re investing time and money in physiotherapy, follow the prescribed program diligently. Surprisingly, only 9% of those who sought physiotherapy adhered to their at-home exercises.

4. Move and Use Your Body:

  • With 79% feeling they should exercise more, Sammy Margo emphasizes the dangers of sedentary lifestyles. Bad posture leads to muscle tightening, so stand up, move, and correct your posture regularly.

5. Try a Longer-Term Aid:

  • For sustained relief, the Deep Heat Warming Belt provides up to 12 hours of warmth, ideal for lower back or hip pain. The Pain Relief Heat Patch is a drug-free, adhesive option for lasting comfort.

In conclusion, pain is a shared experience, and there’s no shame in seeking relief. Instead of masking it, let’s adopt these practices and live comfortably.

Deep Heat has your back—quite literally. And as a bonus, these products make excellent stocking stuffers. Happy healing!


Deep Freeze Glide-on Gel provides scientifically proven cooling and soothing relief from minor aches in the back, neck, shoulders, legs, and feet and works just like ice.

“Cooling therapy can decrease blood flow and may help calm minor aches in muscles and joints. Therefore, Deep Freeze Glide-on Gel provides fast-acting cooling and non-medicinal soothing relief in a convenient and mess-free roll-on

It can also be used alongside oral analgesics,” says Chris Ruxton. Plus, it’s a simple product to pop into gym bags and handbags.


Deep Freeze Cold Patch is a non-medicinal, self-adhesive discrete patch which provides scientifically proven and targeted cooling for up to three hours and can help users feel a big difference. It works just like ice by cooling the desired area, helping to decrease blood flow and as a result calming and soothing the affected muscular or joint area. Ideal for backs, necks, shoulders, legs, and feet. Mums-to-be can also use Deep Freeze

Cold Patch which many swear by for helping to cool, soothe and comfort their backs, shoulders, legs and feet during pregnancy. Mums-to-be should always check new symptoms with their midwife or GP.


Deep Freeze Cold Gel also works like ice and helps cool and soothe minor aches in muscles and joints. It’s easy to apply and is a useful addition to everyone’s first aid bag, as well as on the go when travelling.

As a result, no matter where you are, Deep Freeze Cold Gel soothes and calms minor aches, so users can feel the difference fast.


Deep Freeze Muscle Rescue Cold Spray is recommended by Sammy Margo to use immediately after exercise, or to provide an instant burst of targeted cooling relief for minor aches in muscles and joints.

The no-fuss spray format works with a 360-degree rotation which allows application on hard-to-reach areas like the back, feet, and shoulders; it means there’s no reason why we can’t target all areas where you have muscular and joint aches.


New Deep Heat Warming Belt is a non-medicinal, discrete, odourless, non-sticky warming belt with four large heat cells which provide up to 12 hours of deep penetrating warmth to relieve muscular aches, pains, and tension.

The belt is particularly useful for lower back or hip pain. Chris Ruxton says: “This belt can be worn during movement, to ease discomfort and allow you to stay active, comfortably.”


Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion – a handy roll-on non-medicinal version, which combines massage with heat therapy to help ease tight, knotted muscles. It can be used before or after exercise.

  • Everyday use: To ease and release knots in shoulders and backs so you are more comfortable and feel a difference when simply moving around like normal.
  • Before Exercise: To loosen and soften muscles, so they move more easily.
  • Rehab soft tissue: To help realign muscle fibres and break down adhesions and scar tissue. Heat also helps affected tissue. Heat brings more blood to the muscle and with it oxygen and nutrients. When combined with massage it helps:
  • Ease ‘knots’ in muscles
  • Relax the muscles and soft tissue, which leads to the muscles being able to move and stretch more easily again.


Deep Heat Pain Relief Heat Patch is a long-lasting, adhesive patch, which is non-medicinal, comfortable, and odourless, providing warming pain relief for muscular pain, strains, and joint stiffness.

It can be used for back, hip, thigh, calf, arm, neck, and shoulder pain with therapeutic heat from the Deep Heat Pain Relief Heat Patch providing targeted pain relief right where you need it.

Sammy Margo recommends wearing the Deep Heat Pain Relief Heat Patch whilst sitting at a desk working to help alleviate the pain that can often come from being sedentary.

“It can be uncomfortable working with pain, so to help us feel the difference, focus, and boost productivity when pain strikes, the patch is a useful option,” says Sammy Margo.


Deep Heat Heat Rub – a rub that provides targeted pain relief and can be used before or after exercise. Plus, it helps with stiffness including back and rheumatic pain, sciatica, fibrositis, sprains, and chilblains.

“Penetrating heat therapy through a rub helps to increase blood supply to relax and soothe aching, injured and sore muscles,” says Sammy Margo.


Deep Heat Max Strength – a max strength option, which offers more than double the amount of painkilling ingredient, methyl salicylate. And it generates penetrating warmth in aching, injured and sore muscles.


NEW Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Heat Spray offers a non-medicinal complimentary Heat Therapy to help ease and soothe tight, tense muscles. It’s fast-acting and offers targeted warming relief thanks to the following:

  • Vanillyl butyl ether (VBE): Produces a thermal sensation on the skin by activating a specific thermal receptor (vanilloid).

Plus, the warming sensation in the New Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Heat Spray is enhanced by the addition of two aromatherapeutic ingredients – wintergreen and eucalyptus essential oils – to help ease and soothe tight, tense muscles. And all bottled up in the new climate-friendly aerosol containing 0% LPG.


NEW Deep Freeze Muscle Rescue Cold Spray provides fast-acting, long-lasting scientifically proven cooling. With all the benefits of ice-cold therapy without the disadvantages of using ice, the new Deep Freeze Muscle Rescue Cold Spray offers fast convenience for busting muscle and joint angst.

And like New Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Heat Spray, NEW Deep Freeze Muscle Rescue Cold Spray cares for our planet and, as a result, is housed in a new climate-friendly aerosol containing 0% LPG.

Plus, Deep Freeze Muscle Rescue Cold Spray is non-medicinal, meaning you can use the product alongside any medication without complications.