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Dawid Godziek Flies To Second Red Bull Roof Ride Title

Dawid Godziek

In a stunning display of skill and sheer determination, slopestyle mountain bike athlete Dawid Godziek once again claimed victory at the electrifying Red Bull Roof Ride in Katowice, Poland.

With an astounding score of 94.25 points at the prestigious FMB World Tour gold contest, Godziek secured his second successive triumph, solidifying his status as a local hero in his home country.

Not only did he defend his title, but he also etched his name in the annals of mountain biking history by executing an unprecedented Cash Roll from a flat drop during his awe-inspiring run.

The battle for second place was fiercely fought, with British rider Jake Atkinson narrowly missing out on the top spot. Atkinson’s remarkable performance earned him a commendable final score of 91.87 points.

Not to be outdone, the young Canadian prodigy, 18-year-old Chance Moore, claimed the final step of the podium with an impressive score of 89.50 points, showcasing the immense talent and promise he possesses.

Reflecting on his exhilarating victory, Godziek expressed his elation, stating, “It feels super good to be on top of the podium for the second time at Red Bull Roof Ride. For our local crowd and for this amazing event we created with Red Bull, I’m so happy.”

Having secured the second position at Crankwork Innsbruck just the weekend prior, Godziek demonstrated his unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of the sport.

He revealed, “I decided to pull a Cash Roll from the flat drop for the first time in the competition. I’ve been practising it for a long time for a special occasion like this.”

Against the backdrop of an enthralled crowd of 20,000 spectators, the riders had three opportunities to leave their indelible mark on the competition.

The sheer magnitude of the event was not lost on Atkinson, who remarked, “The crowd here is just insane. I’ve never ridden in front of so many people, so when you’re sat at the top of the course and you’ve got so many people watching you, it’s a pretty cool feeling.”

The daring athletes embarked on their gravity-defying journey atop the International Conference Center in Katowice.

With nerves of steel, they soared through the air, conquering the heart-pounding challenge of three colossal kickers, each one an emblem of the grandeur that defines the FMB World Tour.

Commentator Matt Jones marvelled at the remarkable spectacle, stating, “The course is wild, massive jumps offering huge airtime. It was insane to see Dawid land a Cash Roll off the flat drop. That’s the first time this trick has been seen in an FMB competition and a real game changer for upcoming events.”

Red Bull Roof Ride, a brainchild of the victorious Godziek and his brother Szymon, proved to be an exhilarating testament to their ingenuity and passion for the sport.

Szymon narrowly missed out on the podium, securing an admirable fourth-place finish. Matt Jones couldn’t help but express his awe at the diverse array of talent on display, exclaiming, “The field of riders here is insanely mixed.

You’ve got rookies that have never competed in an FMB gold event, and you’ve got the best diamond-level Crankworx riders in the world all coming together and laying down the best runs. It’s a very unique format.”

Dawid Godziek’s unparalleled triumph, coupled with the heart-stopping feats of the competitors, left no doubt that the Red Bull Roof Ride in Katowice had etched its place in the history books of extreme sports.

With their unrivalled skills and relentless pursuit of excellence, these athletes have redefined what is possible on two wheels, inspiring a new generation of riders to reach for the skies and push the boundaries of what is considered humanly possible.

Red Bull Roof Ride 2023 results

  1. Dawid Godziek POL 94.25 points
  2. Jake Atkinson UK 91.87
  3. Chance Moore CAN 89.50
  4. Szymon Godziek POL 88.56
  5. Lukas Skiold SWE 88.40
  6. Alex Alanko SWE 85.12
  7. Kaidan Ingersoll USA 75.25
  8. Tobey Miley GER 74.25
  9. Luke Parker AUS 72.75
  10. Diego Caverzasi ITA 68.50