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Dame Kelly Holmes Launches New Campaign To Boost Mental + Physical Health

dame kelly holmes

Nuffield Health, the UK’s largest healthcare charity, is partnering with Dame Kelly Holmes to increase understanding of the benefits of physical activity to help improve mental health.

The partnership comes as the UK is facing unprecedented pressures on its collective mental health, with new Google data analysis showing that searches for ‘mental health support’ this year are 52% higher than in 2019.

Searches for support this winter are also expected to surge – as searches for support during winter have also been on average 26% higher than in summer.

Dame Kelly Holmes

Data collected by Nuffield Health earlier this year has already shown that 34% of people said their emotional or mental health had gotten worse in the last year, and 32% said their physical health had gotten worse.

Further new research from Nuffield Health’s Healthier Nation Index reveals that UK adults are doing an average of just 64 minutes of moderate exercise per week – less than half the NHS recommended amount.

The North West is the most active at 71 minutes, with London lagging behind at just 56 minutes per week of exercise.

Only one in three (36%) is aware that the NHS recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week for adults. Moderate exercise is defined as an activity that raises your heart rate, for example, brisk walking, dancing or riding a bike. 60% of adults say a lack of motivation is a barrier to exercising and a third (32%) don’t know how to get started. 

Following the findings, double Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes has partnered with Nuffield Health to tackle barriers to physical activity and to motivate and inspire the nation to move more for both body and mind.

Dame Kelly is supporting the charity’s “Find 5” campaign to encourage people to take a small amount of time each day to do something for both their physical and mental health and to try a new exercise or sport. 

The charity has also launched a series of five-minute guides to provide information on how to get started and suggestions of easy ways to try new activities.

Dame Kelly Holmes, former Olympian and Nuffield Health Ambassador, said: “I’ve been talking about my mental health for many years, however, it’s only recently that I’ve truly understood the fundamental link between good physical health and good mental health.  

“It’s so important we recognise the role exercise can play not only in improving our wellbeing but to also tackle the mental health crisis facing the country starting now.

It’s for these reasons that I am proud to partner with Nuffield Health, to champion the benefits of moving more for body and mind and boost the nation’s mental and physical resilience.

“Just five minutes of movement can help give you purpose, focus and the ability to feel good about something every single day. Don’t do it for anyone else, do it for you.

Be the person that calls your friend and asks them out for a walk, to an outdoor bootcamp or to the gym – it all makes a big difference.”

Dr Davina Deniszczyc, Medical Director at Nuffield Health, said: “This new Healthier Nation Index data has shown that the UK is struggling to get active, but people are also unaware of just how beneficial it can be for both physical and mental health.

Now, more than ever, we need to help people better understand the benefits of exercise for both body and mind, as well as provide the tools to try new activities and build healthy habits for life. 

“We’re so proud to be working with Dame Kelly to help to break down the barriers to exercise and get the nation moving more. She emphasises resilience and demonstrates what making positive changes for yourself can achieve, no matter what challenges or barriers life is presenting.”

More information can be found at

The #Find5 campaign is designed to help people proactively look after their wellbeing and kick-start the development of healthy habits. If you need help for a mental health crisis or emergency, you should get immediate expert advice and assessment.

RegionMinutes spent doing moderate exercise each weekPercentage of the recommended amount
NHS recommended amount150100%
National Average6442.6%
North West7147.3%
Yorkshire and the Humber7046.7%
East Midlands6845.3%
South West6744.7%
South East6644%
North East6543.3%
East of England6442.6%
West Midlands6140.7%