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Cycling Time Trials Announce New Transgender Policy

cycling time trials transgender

In a significant development within the realm of competitive cycling, Cycling Time Trials (CTT) has announced today that transgender women, specifically those who have transitioned from male to female, will no longer be eligible to participate in female competitions.

The decision stems from CTT’s primary objective of facilitating and organizing time trials, where participants ride solo, pitting themselves “against the clock” over a predetermined distance or duration.

In the world of time trialling, the sport’s very nature is inherently influenced by gender-specific attributes, as the physical prowess, stamina, and physique of male and female competitors differ by definition.

After extensive internal deliberation and consultation with governing bodies from other sports, CTT has arrived at this resolution, recognizing that transgender women can maintain the physical advantages acquired during male puberty.

Such advantages, it is contended, compromise the notion of a level and fair playing field in competitive cycling. It is essential to note, however, that CTT remains unequivocal in its support for all transgender individuals and non-binary persons, encouraging their continued participation in competitive time trials.

In a move aligned with British Cycling’s approach, CTT has rebranded the male category as “Open,” thereby allowing non-binary individuals—who identify outside the male-female binary—to enter this inclusive classification.

Under the new policy, those vying in the female category must meet the following criteria: firstly, their assigned sex at birth must be female; secondly, they must not have undergone any aspect of male puberty; and finally, if tested, their serum testosterone levels must remain below 2.5 nmol/L.

To ensure the effective implementation of this policy and provide sensitive guidance to those impacted by its ramifications, the CTT Board will establish a Gender Tribunal—a dedicated body tasked with addressing matters of gender eligibility. For further details, please refer to the provided resources.

Andrea Parish, Chair of Cycling Time Trials (CTT), expressed the organization’s commitment to inclusivity and fair competition in sport, affirming that this decision aligns with those core values and demonstrates their unwavering support for women’s sports.

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