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Could A Blackcurrant Hold The Key To Unlocking Reaching Your Fitness Goals?

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CurraNZ – the scientifically backed New Zealand blackcurrant extract, is the latest buzzword in active nutrition.

Extensive research has highlighted blackcurrants’ incredible polyphenol properties as well as their many health, wellness, and physical performance benefits. From heart health to immunity, as well as reducing Type 2 Diabetes risk factors, blackcurrants are the hot berry in town

Blackcurrants aren’t just fruit. They’re a powerhouse; a force to be reckoned with!

It’s only recently that these small, dark purple fruits have stolen the spotlight for their evidence-based, polyphenol-rich qualities, now they are proven to make exercise easier and boost muscle recovery, this little blackcurrant extract could be a winner for all wannabe exercisers to do more, but hurt less.

In endurance sport, blackcurrants have become known as ‘magic berries’ for their brilliant effect on muscle recovery. Many of the world’s top sports teams and hard-core athletes swear by them for this reason alone. In particular, The New Zealand All-Blacks team are keen advocates of the extract.

The magic lies in a combined effect on supporting the immune system, improving blood flow and its potent antioxidant properties, which creates a cellular micro-environment that helps the body cope with the rigours of exercise.

A new study has found that New Zealand blackcurrant extract, can significantly improve tissue re-oxygenation in muscles, something which has been highly beneficial for climbers.

As forearm muscle oxygenation is an important factor in rock-climbing performance, blackcurrant is of significant interest as an ergogenic aid in this sport.

And as we know screaming muscles are the hardest obstacle to overcome when kicking off any new exercise programme, so any supplement that can keep the dreaded ‘DOMS’ (delayed onset muscle soreness) at bay is always going to be a handy tool to have in your kit bag. 

The blackcurrant’s antioxidant action helps to neutralise free radicals, protect cells and enhance the health benefits of exercise.

So if you are looking for a product that carries a satisfaction guarantee for muscle recovery, CurraNZ® is one of the few products backed by Informed-Sport and loved by the hearts and minds of thousands of people across the UK.

With CurraNZ in your kit bag, we know we’re better equipped to tackle the challenges – and ache less as a result!