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Cody Hudson’s Abstract Concepts Define the Latest Nike Running Collection

nike athlete

Chicago-based artist Cody Hudson is the latest participant in Nike Running’s A.I.R. (artist in residence) program.

Extending Nike’s longstanding connection to graphic arts, this program pairs a creative talent with a range of contemporary silhouettes (both apparel and footwear) in the spirit of creating playful and energetic product capsules.

When cultivating the design for this collection, Hudson wanted it to feel naturally artistic yet polished and purposeful.

His conceptual design is brought to life through bold colors, simple graphics and clean text, creating a modern ensemble for the modern runner.

The products are an expression of Hudson’s artistry in which he emphasizes organic shapes and colors.

“The loose circle pattern to me is about constant motion and movement, but in a less than perfect way,” he says.

“The bold and graphic shapes are meant to be abstract and open-ended enough where the viewer can start to bring their own meaning to them.”

The Cody Hudson Artist Apparel Collection is available July 18 in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Greater China, and September 5 in North America.