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CicloZone Launches Science-Driven Indoor Cycling App

ciclo indoor cycling

Former professional road cyclist Darren Teagles has launched a science-driven, personalised indoor cycling app designed to make every second in the saddle count.

Darren Teagles
Darren Teagles

The app, titled CicloZone, is free until the end of January and will cost just a few pounds per month thereafter.

Aimed at everyone from road-racers looking to bring their training indoors in inclement weather, to fitness fans, people rehabbing injuries or those just looking for a fun, accessible way to get back into fitness, the app brings indoor cardio without equipment all the best features of group cycling classes to your home with no need for flashy equipment or expensive gym memberships.

Founder and CEO of CicloZone Darren Teagles explained: “Cycling has enjoyed a real renaissance over recent years, with both indoor and outdoor cycling enjoying something of a boom.

Whether you like to ride outdoors or prefer the energy and camaraderie of an indoor cycling class, it’s a great form of exercise for any age group.

“While the Coronavirus pandemic impacted many people’s fitness plans, the quieter roads of the early days of lockdown inspired many to get back out on their bikes, creating a run on bike retailers that saw lead times for some bike models stretch out into 2021.

“Meanwhile, fans of group cycling classes actually found their options reduced as lockdown rules saw gyms across the country forced to close.

“With the shorter days and colder weather of the Winter months just around the corner, and different areas facing different levels of lockdown restrictions, CicloZone provides an accessible, flexible approach to indoor cycling that will empower every cyclist to keep up their training and enjoy the health and fitness benefits it offers.”

CicloZone workouts are informed by the same performance sports science used by professional cycling teams around the world.

Each trainer-led class sees cyclists working in five training zones, staying in each zone for the optimal amount of time to prompt the physiological changes that deliver real results.

Each 30, 45 or 60 minute class is set to a tailor-made soundtrack that has been mixed to match the required RPM for each workout zone. On-screen, responsive graphics also help app users track their progress in real time.

Darren continued: “Our first priority when designing the app was to make sure it delivers real results for our members, whatever their cycling experience.

While the power output for one member’s Zone 5 may be the same as another member’s Zone 2, each CicloZone member can personalise their app to reflect their current fitness levels: Members simply enter their Functional Threshold Power data, or take a short test when setting up their CicloZone profile, which is then used to generate personalised performance data that guides them to ride at the right level for them in every workout.

“We also wanted to make the app as accessible as possible for all users. The app can be downloaded to any mobile phone, tablet or smart device and connected via bluetooth to either an indoor bike or outdoor bike with trainer.

Once set up, all members need to do is choose their workout (live or on demand), press play and they’re off. Performance can be measured through power output, RPM or Perceived Exertion Rate and we have plans in place to use existing smart phone technology to democratise this process further.

“Finally, we know that everyone lives busy lives and has different performance goals and calls on their time. CicloZone’s library of Performance, Challenge and Tempo classes, presented by a team of experienced master trainers, offers something for every ability, mood or timetable.

So, whether you’re a keen road racer or a time-pressed parent looking for a fun way to improve your fitness, CicloZone will have the right workout for you.”

CicloZone is available from the App Store and GooglePlay. For further information, visit