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Chiquito Restaurant Launches A Mexican Chips & Dips Inspired Skincare Range – Exfoli-Guacamole!

chiquito exfolio guacamole

Mexican restaurant Chiquito has launched a special range of skincare products using its classic cuisine menu ingredients.

The range of natural products have been designed by dermatologists and a group of food science experts ready for the spring market.

Chiquito, which has been delivering the best of Mexican cuisine for over 30 years, created the range after a group of regular customers discovered the facial benefits of fresh guacamole.

The popular Chiquito dip made from avocados, coriander, red onions, chilli, lime and salt reacted well to the guest’s complexion and acted as an effective cleanser.

This was developed and became the first of the range called Exfoli-guacamole – an Avocado cleanser made from fresh avocado, Mexican lime and a B-vitamin complex to boost brightness and dark eyes.

The skincare team then developed a toner using a stimulating blend of fresh chilli and herbs to transform complexion and close visible pores called Habaner-no pores, a tingle toner.

A pimple cream called Toma-T-Zone is designed for sensitive skin and made from a unique formulation with squalene designed to reduce pimples, spots and breakouts.

The exciting new range also includes Frijole ‘n’ exfole, an invigorating and refreshing coffee and black bean scrub that works to reduce blackheads and give a smooth, glowy complexion.

And a Daily primer and sunscreen called Salsa Shield made from creamy, dreamy pineapple and hyaluronic acid enriched primer for deep hydration with added SPF15 protection.

A spokesperson for the Mexican restaurant, famed for its iconic Chiquito sombreros, music and fiesta fun said: “The new range is the start of an ambitious project to use plant-based foods to enhance the skin’s natural appearance.

“The 100 per cent natural ingredients have been used for centuries but this is the first time a full range of dermatological products have been created by a restaurant.

It is hoped that if this range proves popular then ground tortilla chips will be used to develop beauty products including hair and nail conditioners after research showed the chips had a restorative effect.”

All the products are available for pre-order on April 1.