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6 Celebrities With Insane Workout Regimes

Celebrities With Insane Workous

Most of us try to exercise a few times a week if we can, and it’s a total win if we achieve that goal. However, some celebrities have a much more extreme approach to working out.

A lot of these famous faces have to be in top shape for their jobs, and it certainly helps having state of the art exercise equipment and world-class trainers to motivate and guide them.

If you thought a half-hour HIIT class a few times a week was pushing the boat out (which it totally is, in real-world terms), wait until you hear about the intense workout regimens of these six celebs…

1. Jennifer Lopez

At 51, Jennifer Lopez makes no secret of her dedication to working out, often posting her killer sessions with fiancé Alex Rodriguez on social media.

Lopez takes her workouts to the next level by skipping rest periods during training. Her trainer David Kirsch told Us Weekly she’ll do challenging combinations of planks, medicine ball toss and lunges, saying: “There is no rest, there is no, we’ll grab a quick breath chatting in between, but that’s how we do it. Her workouts are very high energy and there is a lot of movement.”

Lopez is also known for her strict diet, which mostly cuts out sugar and processed food, no doubt helping her maintain those washboard abs.

2. Mark Wahlberg

Back in 2018, Mark Wahlberg went viral for sharing a rundown of what a regular day looks like for him. Not only does it involve a killer 2:30 am wake-up call but he fits in two workouts a day – one between 3:40 and 5:15 am, and another at 4 pm.

And it’s not like Wahlberg is slacking in these sessions. His trainer Brian Nguyen told Men’s Health: “Mark always trains for what the part calls for.

For Mile 22, we wanted to get him looking like an intense military specialist, [with] Marine type training” – which in this case called for a lot of explosive movements.

Wahlberg’s Instagram page gives you a taste of some of his workouts, whether it’s doing insane variations on the classic push-up or doing lunges with heavy weights like it’s no big deal.

3. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt transformed his body to join the Marvel Universe for Guardians Of The Galaxy. To achieve his goals back in 2013, Pratt started working out four to six times a week.

His trainer told Muscle and Fitness that the first two months were dedicated to bodybuilding workouts, the following two mixed bodybuilding and conditioning, and the final month involved conditioning workouts like cardio, swimming and mountain biking.

Pratt has obviously been keeping up with his intense exercise regime and has since become a bona fide action star with the Jurassic Park franchise.

4. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian certainly doesn’t slouch in the gym, with People reporting that she works out for an hour-and-a-half every day, doing “heavyweights. I don’t do a lot of cardio,” she told the magazine.

Kardashian exercises six times a week, with bodybuilder trainer Melissa Alcantara coming to her house for 6am sessions.

5. Bella Hadid

Supermodel Bella Hadid doesn’t particularly like low-impact workouts, telling E! News she prefers going hard in the gym over yoga classes.

“When I workout, I love to workout, I train and a workout hard for two hours,” she said.

Sometimes – like when she was preparing for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2016 – Hadid ups this to three hours a day. She told Vogue Paris that a classic session for her would consist of a 20-minute run, a boxing session, then weights focusing on the abs and glutes.

6. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is so dedicated to his workouts, he finds a space to be his gym wherever he travels, according to GQ.

Johnson starts his day at 4 am, telling Body Building: “I love putting in that hard work as early as possible to get my day started off on the right foot, mentally and physically.

Depending on the role I’m training for or playing at the time, I usually smash out about 30-50 minutes on the elliptical cross trainer first thing in the morning, whether I’m at home or at a hotel, after drinking a cup of coffee.

But when I’m at home, I like to hit the road as well. And after cardio, I eat breakfast.” This is the first of his five meals a day – when you workout as hard as Johnson does, you need to fuel your body properly.

After breakfast, he typically follows up with a weights session and might hit the gym again later in the day. As Johnson told Body Building:

“I don’t play around in the gym. I always aim to be the hardest worker, and I make sure I clang and I bang to the best of my ability.”