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Celebrities Who Are Fitness Obsessed

johnson, berry and momoa

Celebrities are people who many everyday people are fascinated by. But, in many instances, they’re just like everyone else.

They have passions and obsessions themselves, and while they may be famous and have a large amount of wealth, one of the go-tos for celebs in the modern era is fitness.

Contrary to common assumptions, celebrities are increasingly demonstrating a strong focus on health and fitness, rather than solely indulging in extravagant nights at sought-after restaurants or spending hours at casinos.

While some may enjoy playing their favourite casino games with friends occasionally, fitness has taken centre stage in their lives.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, more commonly known as The Rock, is probably the most famous of celebrities obsessed with fitness.

Fitness has been Johnson’s life for decades, and it’s what got him the break in the WWE, where he’s renowned as a legendary wrestler, before fashioning a career in Hollywood as one of the top actors.

Running parallel alongside his work life is gym life and bodybuilding, which Johnson continues to take seriously.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is an actor who always keeps himself in shape. But, he’s prepared to up the ante when required for roles in movies, such as when he starred as Thor.

You’ll rarely find Hemsworth not looking muscle-bound and ripped, but as Thor, he bulks up, even more, to seriously impressive levels. It also helps that Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky, is a fitness fanatic too.

Halle Berry

Like Johnson and Hemsworth, Halle Berry is someone who needs no introduction where Hollywood is concerned. And, akin to them, she’s also into fitness and keeping herself in shape, but arguably for different reasons.

Berry was formerly a gymnast, which makes sense why fitness would be a passion. But she was also diagnosed at a relatively young age with diabetes, which increased the importance of staying healthy and exercising.

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa, arguably like Johnson, is renowned more for his physical appearance than anything. And that’s not taking anything away from his acting skills, which he displayed when playing the part of Aquaman.

Like Johnson, fitness is a significant part of Momoa’s life, and he regularly uploads workouts to his social media platforms, which will come as no surprise.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston made her name in the hit sitcom Friends, went on to marry Brad Pitt, and has starred in plenty more TV shows and movies.

But, in recent times, she’s been talked up a lot because of her ultra-healthy lifestyle. And while nutrition has played a big part in this, so has fitness, with Aniston also using her social media platforms to show off her home gym and the workouts she embarks on.

There have always been celebrities obsessed with fitness, some more than others. And it’s since the birth of social media sites such as Instagram that we’re seeing more evidence of this being the case.

In turn, it’s also encouraged more celebrities to jump on board the fitness hype train, and it’s not a bad thing, as it also encourages their followers and fans to follow suit.