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Fast Is Out There: Canterbury Launch The First Ever Rugby Boot Into Space

Canterbury rugby boot

Canterbury have marked the launch of their newest release, the Speed Infinite Elite – the AI-powered ultra-lightweight rugby boot – by sending it into space, representing the first time a rugby boot has been sent into space. 

Championing Canterbury’s desire to continually push rugby into new territories and test the boundaries of the sport, the iconic brand raised their new Speed Infinite Elite boot 160,000 feet into the stratosphere – or the equivalent of 487 rugby pitches away – to celebrate its launch, becoming the first brand to send a rugby boot into space.

Weighing in at just 217g, the Speed Infinite Elite FG is Canterbury’s lightest rugby boot ever, with the development marking a new focus for the brand, as they bid to bring player-led innovation to the boot product sector that has been saturated by football boots in recent years. 

The 217g weight is featherlight in comparison to the heavy-duty boots traditionally associated with the sport, marking Canterbury’s determination to revolutionise the game and take the category to new levels.  

The Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite incorporates state-of-the-art materials and an AI-powered design to strip out weight, delivering unparalleled performance on the rugby field. The lightweight construction is designed to enhance agility, speed, and manoeuvrability, while the precision-fit upper provides exceptional comfort and support to players. 

Canterbury Brand Director Jack Richardson said: “Speed Infinite Elite has been designed to enable new levels on the pitch so we felt it was only right to make history, by becoming the first manufacturer to send a rugby boot to space.

“At Canterbury, we are continually looking to push the boundaries of the sport so wanted a fitting launch for our new boot which is one of the lightest on the planet.

The development of Speed Infinite Elite has always been focused on enhancing player performance through a boot that meets the demands of rugby, whilst delivering against the needs of the fastest players out there.”  

The Speed Infinite Elite has been rigorously tested by Canterbury’s impressive arsenal of ambassadors to ensure that the boots’ performance matches its impressive aesthetic.

The boots have already provided on-field success, with Ireland superstar Mack Hansen wearing the boot during his side’s Grand Slam-winning Six Nations 2023 campaign.

Mack Hansen commented “It’s fitting that the boot has made its way to space, as Canterbury has created something truly out of this world with the Speed Infinite Elite.

“Having worn the Speed Infinite Elite boot this season, including for the best moment of my career when landing a Grand Slam, it is a boot designed for the elite game which helps players to maximise their potential speed and performance.

“For us players, Canterbury has always been a name synonymous with heritage and class, and now they have the boots to match their range meaning I’m more proud than ever and confident of a big performance when stepping out head to toe in their equipment.”

Speed Infinite Elite is available in a white and glow-in-the-dark “HYPERNATURE” colourway inspired by bioluminescence and the power of the South Pacific Ocean, alongside the “LIMITLESS” black and purple pack inspired by the infinite possibilities of the universe. 

Soft and firm ground versions of the Speed Infinite Elite are available from priced at £140. 

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