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Cam Norrie’s Team Speak On How He’s Improving His Performance And Recovery During The Summer

Cam Norrie

As summer tennis is in full swing, all eyes have been on British star, Cam Norrie. With a demanding summer schedule, behind the scenes, Cam’s dedicated team left no stone unturned in their quest for success, with his head of strength and conditioning, Václav Jursík, playing a crucial role in his preparation both on and off the court. 

Václav Jursík and the team are well-known for their innovative approaches to enhancing athletes’ performance and recovery. In an exclusive interview, Václav reveals how they keep Cam at the peak of his performance in today’s highly competitive industry. 

One of the cutting-edge techniques that have caught the attention of the tennis world is Cam Norrie’s adoption of blood flow restriction. By utilising wearables, Cam can enhance his workouts with proven BFR techniques to restrict the flow of blood and create stress in the muscle to drive hypertrophy and boost recovery.

Václav Jursík sheds light on how this method has been integrated into Cam’s fitness regime, allowing him to push his physical limits and reach new levels of performance. 

Beyond the use of innovative training techniques, Václav Jursík emphasises the importance of a comprehensive approach to Cam’s overall well-being.

He delves into the specific performance and recovery routines tailored to meet the demands that come with competing at Wimbledon, a tournament known for its gruelling matches and intense schedule. From personalised training sessions to targeted rehabilitation exercises, every aspect of Cam’s physical and mental fitness is taken into account to ensure he is in optimal condition when stepping onto the court. 

How is Cam using Blood Flow Restriction to impact his performance and recovery? 

Cam Norrie Lunging

Cam incorporates a dynamic routine using his Hytro BFR shorts for Lower Body Prep. These shorts have become an integral part of his daily ritual, priming his muscles and strengthening the soft tissues to ensure he’s in optimal condition. 

Immediately following each practice session, we seamlessly transition into active recovery mode. Whilst on his training bike, we use Hytro’s shorts as a strict way to remove toxins in the muscle and kickstart the recovery process. 

What influenced you and the team to start incorporating BFR into Cam’s famous fitness regime?

We had some issues with patellar tendinopathy in the spring and so we looked for the best options for how we could strengthen the area around his knee.

The Hytro shorts allowed us to keep consistency and simplicity in our workouts, especially in tennis where you need to adapt almost every week to different environments and scenarios.

By using BFR we are able to load the muscle without loading the joint or tendon and so Cam can get the same benefits from training with lower weights and putting less stress on his knee without losing fitness levels. 

Are there any specific exercises or drills that you find particularly effective for improving Cams tennis performance? 

Cam Norrie in the gym

Each day starts with a basic Iso Holds. This strategic exercise not only hones his strength but also emulates the dynamic motions required when Cam strikes the ball with finesse and power. 

With the foundation laid, the training session progresses to Single Leg Iso Knee extension. Here, Cam’s focus intensifies as he isolates and targets the muscles around his knee joint, fostering stability and resilience.

This exercise fortifies Cam’s lower body and equips him with the necessary stability and explosive force to dominate the court. 

Following these exercises, we introduce the Spanish squat, where Cam engages in a series of agile and powerful movements that challenge his muscles in ways that mirror his tennis. 

Do you have any specific strategies for recovering on the road during tournaments? 

Myself and Cam’s physio Julian Romero recognise the undeniable power of sleep and nutrition. We prioritise these fundamental pillars of athlete well-being, tailoring the approach based on various factors such as match duration, timing, and turnaround time to the next match. 

Working in close collaboration with LTA Nutritionist Dan Ellis, we ensure that Cam’s refuelling strategies are precisely calibrated to enhance performance and expedite recovery.

By strategically planning pre- and post-match nutrition, we provide Cam with the necessary fuel and nutrients to sustain his energy levels and aid in the repair and regeneration of his muscles. 

While sleep and nutrition remain the foundation of Cam’s recovery routine, the addition of passive BFR has brought a new dimension and approach.

With both systems in place, Cam can optimise his recovery process during the demanding tour schedule, enabling him to enhance his physical and mental readiness for the challenges that lie ahead, ultimately elevating his performance on the court.