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Callaway Golf Introduces New ERC Soft, Supersoft and Supersoft MAX Golf Balls

callaway ERC golf ball 1

Callaway Golf, has officially introduced its new ERC Soft, Supersoft, and Supersoft MAX Golf Balls.

This new lineup will appeal to a wide range of golfers, and each offering promotes fast ball speeds, exceptional feel, and outstanding greenside control.

ERC Soft is Callaway’s longest golf ball with soft feel, and it’s built for increased control around the green. To create all that distance, their engineers developed a High Energy Core that promotes maximum speed and total performance from tee-to-green.

The ERC Soft also features a new Hybrid Cover made with a PARALOID™ Impact Modifier from Dow.

This high performance, multi-material construction promotes high launch and low spin for long distance, along with great feel in a durable offering.

Around the green it provides outstanding control, so golfers can play aggressively on approach shots, and in their short game.

With the PARALOID™ additive, Callaway is able to deliver the exceptional speed and spin profile for this ball.

To complete the ERC Soft design, a High Speed Mantle works with the core and cover to further enhance ball speed and greenside control.

And the Company’s popular Triple Track alignment utilizes Vernier Hyper Acuity to help you choose the right line for better putting accuracy.

Adding to this new lineup is Supersoft, which has been one of the most popular balls for years.

Now Callaway has combined incredible cover, core, and flight technologies to make it even better. It features a new Hybrid Cover made with a PARALOID™ Impact Modifier from Dow for long distance, great spin, outstanding feel, and short game control. 

The Compression Core in Supersoft is engineered to create maximum ball speed along with an excellent combination of high launch and low spin in your longer clubs. Finally, the HEX Aerodynamics pattern reduces drag for enhanced launch and optimized trajectory.

Supersoft MAX is a unique offering that’s engineered for max distance from max forgiveness.

This oversized design promotes distance, straight ball flight, and super soft characteristics in an easy-to-hit construction that conforms to the rules of golf.

To provide even more distance, the Tri-Blend Ionomer Cover is built for maximum ball speed with high launch and low spin.

This ball is well suited for developing golfers who want to hit the ball farther and play with more confidence.

ERC Soft will be available at retail on February 25th at a retail price of $34.99 per dozen.

It will be offered in White and Yellow color options. The new Supersoft and Supersoft MAX will be both be available at retail on February 4th at a retail price of $22.99 per dozen.

And they will both be offered in White, Yellow, Green, Pink, Red, and Orange color options.