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Brent Fikowski Joins TYR Sport, Endorsing The Brand Within CrossFit

Brent Fikowski

American sportswear brand, TYR Sport has announced seasoned CrossFit athlete Brent Fikowski as their newest member to Team TYR ahead of his 8th trip to the CrossFit Games in August.

Brent holds a respected position as a leader within the sport of CrossFit, as a veteran athlete and the founder of the PFAA, a non-profit association that acts on behalf of athletes competing at functional fitness competitions, the partnership marks Brent’s endorsement of the brand’s recent involvement within the CrossFit space, having expanded into the sport in 2022 with dedicated apparel, footwear and event sponsorships.

Originally established as a swimwear brand in 1985 to provide innovative and technical swimwear within a competitive market, TYR has grown to become one of the most recognized fitness brands in the world.

Over the past few years, TYR has also established itself in functional fitness as a major force, in a sport which has traditionally been dominated by endemic brands that have been strongly associated with the space since its inception in 2007.

Now in 2023, TYR has taken a lead position in the industry by championing a growing roster of athletes, creating unique built-for-purpose products and supporting the ecosystem in the drive to professionalism.

Brent’s deep-rooted involvement in the development of a systematic overhaul and establishment of professional standards via the PFAA as well as being a consistent title contender in the sport for nearly a decade, provides a perfect platform for both parties that hold similar values and long-term ambitions for the sport of CrossFit to work together.

Brent Fikowski comments, “I chose to work with TYR as I truly believe in what they are doing within the sport of CrossFit via their commitment to athletes through sponsorships and their investment in the sport as a whole.

As someone who has been involved at the pinnacle of CrossFit for over 10 years and having witnessed a lot during that time within both the industry and the sport, it is great to see a brand like TYR dedicating their strategy to professionalize it, allowing CrossFit athletes to build a career in the sport.”

“We are thrilled to add Brent’s veteran leadership and experience to TYR’s athlete roster, as he will bring invaluable insight to our product development team. 

Brent truly embodies everything that  TYR looks for in an athlete: the highest level of intensity, dedication, and professionalism to his craft,” said Matt DiLorenzo, CEO of TYR Sport.