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Three Of The Best To Boost Your Mood

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ThinkWell-LiveWell mindfulness toolkit…

The new mindfulness toolkit from ThinkWell-LiveWell ( has numerous programmes to help support a healthier and happier you – including their well in spirit programme. TWLW explains, while we can’t change the world around us, we can change ourselves; and when we bring more compassion and tolerance into our environment – the world starts to change.

The ‘Well in Spirit’ section combines contemplations, meditations and dream primers and TWLW makes these accessible as they possibly can. These programmes are designed not only for the few converts, they’re for anyone, anywhere, anytime – to help you find more balance and harmony in your life. That’s why TWLW is mindfulness for practical people!

For example, we all know it can be difficult to be in the moment when time is short and pressure is on. TWLW offers 5 minute programmes that will relax you, centre you and restore you which you can visit easily during your day. It takes  It takes 21 days to form a new habit so why not sign up to ThinkWell-LiveWell for a month for £8.00 and see how much self-development could help you on your journey!

Avoid the usual afternoon slump…

Opt for a healthy and balanced lunch to avoid that afternoon slump. itsu boasts an impressive 20+ dishes that are under £5 – leaving you and your wallet feeling fab! London’s Leading Nutritionist Lily Soutter ( explains “although lunch may not be the sole cause of your afternoon slump, opting for heavy lunches can leave us feeling sluggish and drowsy. Choosing a balanced lunch can minimise the risk of that afternoon drowsiness. itsu’s salmon sushi (RRP £4.99, 233 calories) contains a host of health benefits and thanks to the fish content is an excellent source of protein that balances blood sugar keeping energy stable.

Upgrade your multivitamin to the gold standard…

Most of us take a multivitamin but unfortunately not all of these products are created equal! Natures Plus Source of Life Gold Liquid is the gold standard for whole-food based multivitamin supplementation.

All- natural ingredients provide energizing, antioxidant and anti-ageing power which is sure to but a spring in your step and mood. With an irresistible delicious tropical flavour, Natures Plus Source of Life Gold Liquid provides a complete daily vitamin profile of 13 vitamins and 8 minerals and all it takes is one 30ml dose per day (RRP £15.45,

Source of Life Gold Liquid is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. It tastes great from the bottle or mixed it into your favourite beverage.