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The Best Home Office Designs For Ultimate Productivity

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As working from home continues to remain the norm, here we have rounded up top tips for creating the best home office environment for ultimate productivity.

1. Make a desk your permanent workspace

If you’ve ever worked while lying in bed or improvised a table out of your rickety ironing board, you’ll know just how unproductive a makeshift office environment can be.

On the other hand, introducing a proper desk into your 9-5 life offers a permanent, comfortable home for your laptop. Finding the right desk for your space is crucial, however, so take the time to browse.

2. Indoor plants are proven to boost productivity

Plants are scientifically proven to boost productivity and reduce stress, as well as improve indoor air quality. And, if nothing else, they look pretty and inviting, so explore the best indoor plants for your home office,

3. Work beside a source of natural light

Building upon the theme of being at one with nature, it’s important to ensure your home office receives plenty of natural light.

Shown to enhance productivity, research also indicates that daylight improves morale and focus. However, if you’re struggling for windows and a source of natural brightness in your office, you can always mimic daylight with full spectrum light bulbs.

4. Invest in the right technology

No matter how well established your home office is, in terms of desk, houseplants, and natural light, if you’re working with outdated technology, you’ll struggle to maintain efficiency. This might mean having to find a new laptop with a built-in camera that makes video calling a breeze.

If your current device is performing adequately, but you’re productivity is slipping because you can’t engage during virtual meetings, consider exploring the latest in webcam technology for a piece of kit you can plug in separately.

5. Find a chair that keeps you comfortable all day

If you don’t work at a standing desk, there’s a good chance you spend the majority of your day sat down. Just as it’s crucial to have a proper desk, finding the right chair can dramatically improve your overall productivity.

It’s recommended that you choose a comfortable office chair with plenty of back support to reduce the chances of aching and loss of focus.

6. Dual screen your work life with a second monitor

Installing a second monitor allows you to enjoy a dual-screen home office, which inevitably makes accessing and viewing multiple documents simpler.

Doubling your display offering means you no longer have to go through the hassle of constantly moving back and forth between files, greatly improving productivity and working performance.