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8 Best Adidas Perfumes We Love

adidas perfumes in a row with boxes

The world loves Adidas, it’s a brand full of history and heritage, but it also has a sense of youthfulness and originality that makes its products unique.

Of course, most people know about the iconic three-stripe logo, created in its first incarnation in 1948 by the founder Adolph “Adi” Dassler.

Since then, Adidas has become a brand that’s synonymous with quality and excellence, so it’s no surprise that many people love to wear their products.

But did you know that this sports apparel company also manufactures perfumes? The world-famous brand is known for its high-quality sports gear, but the company has recently branched out into the world of perfume. The result is a range of fragrances that are just as stylish and innovative as their clothing line.

We asked Kevin Hardy, a perfumer who also runs a blog called heyscent, what are some of the best scents Adidas has. Here are his favourite fragrances for men and women.

Fruity Rhythm

  • For the Young & Free

If you love fruity scents, Fruity Rhythm is for you. It’s a 2008 perfume from Adidas and has top notes of raspberry and black currant; middle notes of cyclamen, freesia, jasmine petals, and tuberose; base notes of musk.

The fragrance is for young women who want to smell like fresh fruits in the morning but still have unique personalities. The scent lingers on your skin all day, so people can appreciate it no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

This perfume is also great for women who like to wear bright colours. The pink bottle and red cap stand out against the white background, making it a fun accessory to add to your wardrobe.

Pure Lightness

  • Light & Fresh

If you’ve been looking for an Adidas fragrance that’s as sexy and innovative as the brand itself, look no further than Pure Lightness.

This female scent from 2008 has top notes of red apple and melon; middle notes of magnolia, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, and violet; base note is musk.

In addition, it has a soft fruity floral scent that’s perfect for daytime use but still makes a statement when worn out at night.

This perfume can be worn by any woman, regardless of age. The combination of a light, fruity floral scent and a clean musk base note makes Pure Lightness a versatile fragrance that you can wear at any time of day or night.

Ice Dive

  • A Masculine Freshness

You may know Ice Dive as the first fragrance by Adidas. It was created in 2001 by Philippe Bousseton, and it is a classic that has been around for over 15 years.

With mint, grapefruit, lavender, and bergamot notes, it’s not hard to see why this might be your signature scent. It’s fresh yet warm at once, perfect for fall or winter weather when you need comfort from the cold air outside but don’t want to feel like you’re getting dressed up.

It’s also a great choice for men looking for something light enough for everyday wear without being overpowering or too masculine.

Natural Vitality

  • Fluid & Fragrant

You can’t go wrong with a scent that smells like summer. Natural Vitality is a fresh floral scent for women that has been around since 2008.

It was created by Maurice Roucel, who worked on many of the house’s most successful scents (like Eau de Lacoste) before launching his brand in 2012. 

The notes include red apple, litchi, and tomato; lotus flower; watermelon; osmanthus blossom; musk, and sandalwood.

This perfume is best suited for someone who wants to feel energized without feeling overwhelmed by their fragrance choice. It’s light but still evocative of everything that makes you feel good about being alive in the summertime!

Adidas, Get Ready! For Her

  • For the Adventurous Athlete

This female scent was created by Jacques Huclier, who’s also behind the original Adidas Get Ready! For Her perfume.

It came out in 2014 and smells amazing, like a mix of watermelon, grenadine, and orange; sugar cane and lotus; musk, cedar, and amber. The bottle is just as pretty as the smell. It has a pink cap with a shiny body.

This fragrance could be worn by anyone who likes fruity scents or floral notes like jasmine or rose but doesn’t want anything too overpowering or sweet. This perfume is for you if you don’t want to smell like everyone else.

Adidas Active Bodies

  • Classically Athletic

The brand released the first Adidas perfume in 1990, called Active Bodies. It’s still available today, and it’s a great option for men who want to smell like the brand’s athletic wear.

This fragrance begins with top notes of lavender, aldehydes, cassia, green notes, and lemon; middle notes of pine tree needles, sandalwood, and cedar; and base notes of oakmoss and amber with labdanum (a gummy resin), musk styrax (a type of balsam) and tonka bean.

The result is an earthy scent that smells like fresh-cut wood mixed with peppery pine needles – perfect for someone who likes running outdoors or appreciates the power of nature.

Adidas Victory League

  • For the True Champion

This 2006 scent from Adidas is the perfect way to bring some energy and vibrancy into your morning routine. The main notes include vanilla, pear, cinnamon, lavender, and bergamot with a musk base and cedarwood. So if you’re looking for something sweet that’s still unusual, but not too out there, this fragrance has you covered.

Victory League was made from the inspiration of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. The energy and excitement of the sport inspired it. It’s a great choice for someone looking for a unique fragrance with an edge.


  • Sprinting Through Success

Moves is a fruity-floral male scent that was launched in 1999. The top notes are green apple,  tomato leaf, pineapple, black pepper, and mint, while they are complemented with middle notes of lavender, juniper berries, ginger, musk, and geranium. Finally, the perfume gives off pleasant base notes of oakmoss, thyme, lily-of-the-valley, and sandalwood.

Moves are recommended for daytime use for younger men who want something refreshing yet subtle enough not to interfere with their makeup or other scents they may wear at work or school. It’s light enough that you won’t get tired of smelling it throughout the day.