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Why Being Cosy Is Good For Your Health

cosy fire with marshmallows scaled

With many planning a cosy winter staycation in the coming months, a new study has looked at what makes British people feel the most cosy.  

A new poll from UK holiday home operator, Park Leisure, looked at all five senses and what makes people feel the cosiest to reveal the equation for ultimate cosiness with a crackling fire voted as the nation’s cosiest sight and sound.  

Focussing on the five senses, the data revealed that the perfect cosy combination is:  

A tasty hot chocolate + seeing and hearing a crackling log fire + a hug from a loved one + the smell of fresh bread ultimate cosines 

When asked about the cosiest scents, fresh bread came out on top (15%), followed by a log fire (13%) and cinnamon (11%). 

A crackling log fire was pitted as both the cosiest sight (29%) and sound (25%). 

Professor of coaching and positive psychology at the University of East London, Christian van Nieuwerburgh, commented: “Some aspects seem to relate more to evolutionary psychology.

The smell of fresh bread, a crackling log fire and the hug are indicators of safety and we would unconsciously be drawn to them because they are good for our survival – the existence of sufficient food, knowing that it will be possible to stay warm, and being with someone who will protect you.  

“This is especially true during the harsh winter months. In other words, human beings may be drawn to cosiness because it is indicative of having a safe, warm place to shelter from the elements.” 

More than one in six (17%) say that a hug is the cosiest sensation, and with it being the year of social distancing, unfortunately people aren’t to experience this as they would usually like. Men were more partial to a hug than women (19% vs 16%), with the top choice for women being a warm blanket (18%). 

The top five cosiest tastes were voted as hot chocolate (16%), roast dinner (15%), winter stew (14%), cup of tea (10%) and coffee (8%). 

Christian added: “According to a leading theory of wellbeing, human beings need positive emotions and relationships to thrive. So, the hot chocolate can provide a fleeting positive emotion, and a hug from a loved one would provide evidence of a positive relationship.”  

Lisa Williams, director of marketing and holiday sales at Park Leisure, commented: “There’s nothing better than feeling cosy and snuggling up with your loved ones in your holiday home when it’s cold outside. 

The data on the cosiest senses is really interesting to see, and I couldn’t agree more with the ultimate cosy combination.”  

“Park Leisure holiday homes are perfect for tucking yourself away on a cosy getaway, sticking the heating on, putting your feet up with a hot chocolate and snuggling up with your family around you. 

Being a holiday home owner means you can come and tuck yourself away as much as you like should restrictions permit. Our parks have a lovely community feel and are et within picturesque British countryside and coastal scenery, the winter months are a truly beautiful time to visit.”  

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