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Beavertown Brewery Partners With CALM And Comedian Tom Davis To Encourage Open Conversations With ‘Open Up’ Crisps

Tom Davis

In a recent study commissioned by Beavertown Brewery, it was found that 56% of UK residents have pretended to be ‘okay’ to avoid discussing their mental health, highlighting the persistent stigma surrounding the topic.

To address this issue, Beavertown Brewery has partnered with the suicide prevention charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) to launch a unique initiative: limited-edition crisps called ‘Open Up.’

Tom Davis

These crisps, flavored with Cheddar & Jalapeño, are not only a tasty snack but also feature emotive questions and prompts printed on the packets’ interior.

Designed by CALM, these questions aim to encourage individuals to open up about their feelings, particularly among friends.

Questions such as “What gets you through tough times?” and “If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be?” are intended to initiate deeper conversations about mental health, addressing the fact that 46% of 18-44 year olds admit they wouldn’t know how to start such conversations with friends.

English actor and comedian Tom Davis, who has publicly shared his struggles with mental health, is supporting the ‘Open Up’ campaign.

He emphasizes the importance of creating opportunities for open discussions, even in casual settings like pubs.

Despite the need to share the crisps, Davis believes they provide a natural invitation to start sharing feelings in a laid-back environment.

According to the study, nearly three in ten individuals feel awkward about sharing personal issues, and 42% admit they would be more likely to open up to someone who had first opened up to them.

Recognizing pubs as safe spaces for conversations, especially over drinks, the ‘Open Up’ crisps will be distributed for free at over 260 participating Young’s pubs and independent venues across the UK throughout April.

Beavertown Brewery’s Marketing Director, Tom Rainsford, emphasizes the role of pubs as places to gather and chat but acknowledges that many people still struggle to express their true feelings.

The ‘Open Up’ crisps, developed in collaboration with CALM, aim to bridge this gap and facilitate open conversations among friends.

Simon Gunning, CEO of CALM, underscores the importance of feeling connected and the role of simple gestures, like sharing crisps, in fostering meaningful conversations.

With conversation starters inside each packet, the ‘Open Up’ crisps offer more than just a tasty snack—they provide an opportunity to check in with friends and make important conversations part of everyday life.

This initiative is part of Beavertown’s broader partnership with CALM, aiming to create moments that bring people together and remind them that ‘We Are Not Alone.’

The vegan Cheddar & Jalapeño flavor of the crisps complements Beavertown Brewery’s beverages, including their Neck Oil Session IPA and Alcohol-Free IPA Lazer Crush, making them a versatile option for any social gathering.

Find more information, or find your nearest participating pubs here, with T&Cs here