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Bad Bunny Gets Playful With The “Catch And Throw” Forum Pwr

Bad Bunny x adidas Originals Forum PWR Catch and Throw

One of adidas’ closest partners over the last year, Bad Bunny once again crafts a deeply unique narrative, this time around, evoking childhood pastimes by way of an invitation to play a game of “Catch and Throw.” 

In pursuit of expression without limits, Bad Bunny’s interpretation of the Forum starts with his senses and an exploration of the world surrounding him.

The new Bad Bunny x adidas Originals Forum PWR “Catch and Throw” arrives on the heels of previous limited-edition Forum makeups from 2021, such as “The First Café,” “Easter Egg,” and “Back to School” editions.

Coinciding with the launch of adidas Confirmed Puerto Rico, 2022 from adidas Confirmed,, and select retailers such as FRSH.