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Babble Joins Forces With Ride Across Britain As Official Title Partner

two male cyclist hold hands in celebration

In a monumental announcement today, Threshold Sports, the esteemed purveyors of mass participation events, have unveiled their latest coup: a four-year Title partnership with none other than Babble, the leading cloud technology company, for their iconic Ride Across Britain (RAB).

Born in 2010 with the noble intention of allowing more individuals to check off the bucket list item of traversing the length of the United Kingdom on two wheels, this event has grown exponentially, now hosting 800 intrepid cyclists from across the globe.

ride across britain

Embarking on a gruelling 980-mile journey from the southern tip of Land’s End to the northern reaches of John O’Groats in a mere nine days, these riders are fueled by an unwavering determination to conquer the diverse landscapes, ranging from the coastal charm of Cornwall to the breathtaking magnificence of the Scottish Highlands.

It is a coming together of kindred spirits, for both Threshold and Babble share a common ethos of using their influence for the greater good.

While the partnership will undoubtedly generate substantial funds for charitable causes, it also serves as an extraordinary platform for Babble to drive tangible social impact.

Their aim? Empowering young individuals to scale the heights of their ambitions, quite literally, from the very bottom to the pinnacle of the United Kingdom.

ride across britain

The charitable prowess of Ride Across Britain cannot be overstated. In 2022 alone, the event raised an awe-inspiring sum of over £1.1 million for numerous charitable organizations. With Babble stepping into the Title Partner role, this already formidable impact is set to reverberate even further.

With cycling experiencing an undeniable surge in popularity throughout the United Kingdom, Ride Across Britain serves as a unique networking and engagement opportunity for Babble and countless other companies.

Over the past three years, the event has attracted representatives from more than 25% of FTSE100 companies, and an astounding 600 organizations have taken part since its inception.

Speaking on this momentous occasion, Nick Tuppen, CEO at Threshold Sports, exclaimed, “Matt Parker and the entire Babble team have become integral to the fabric of RAB over the past decade.

This long-term partnership allows us to amplify the impact of both the event and Babble as forces for good in our society.

We eagerly anticipate the arrival of the next wave of 800 riders at Land’s End in September 2024, as we continue to cultivate the vibrant Babble RAB community, both in person and through virtual means, leading up to that momentous occasion.”

In a testament to his unwavering dedication, Matthew Parker, CEO at Babble, shared his elation at the opportunity to assume the role of Title Partner, christening the event as Babble Ride Across Britain. Parker, a veteran of eight years’ worth of participation, understands firsthand the arduous nature of this monumental undertaking.

Yet, he also knows the indescribable elation that washes over when one triumphantly crosses the finish line. This emotion is further heightened by the knowledge that Ride Across Britain has a profound impact on charitable organizations.

Anticipation builds as the team gears up for next year’s event, while simultaneously relishing this year’s virtual RAB, where team members hailing from every corner of the country, alongside thousands of others, unite in the pursuit of becoming an unwavering force for good.

In conclusion, this collaboration between Threshold Sports and Babble stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of endurance cycling.

It embodies the belief that by banding together, both on the road and off, we can accomplish truly remarkable feats while simultaneously leaving an indelible positive imprint upon the world.