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Elevating Fan Experience: World Athletics Launches Innovative ‘Sync To Calendar’ Feature

Athletics Sync To Calendar' Feature

In a strategic move to enhance accessibility and engagement, World Athletics has unveiled a dynamic ‘sync to calendar’ function on its website.

This innovative online tool, designed with mobile users in mind, offers a user-friendly solution for fans and media to stay informed about upcoming athletics events.

The spectrum of events covered by this feature includes the prestigious World Athletics Series, World Athletics Continental Tour Gold, World Athletics Indoor Tour Gold, World Athletics Cross Country Tour Gold, and the Wanda Diamond League.

By integrating these events into personal calendars, users gain access to real-time updates, direct links to secure tickets, localised viewing options, and detailed event information, ensuring a seamless and enriched experience.

Accessible from the main competition homepage and specific event pages on the World Athletics website, the ‘Add to your calendar’ button empowers users to effortlessly select the events they wish to follow.

In a year packed with excitement, featuring five World Athletics Series events and the highly anticipated Olympic Games in Paris, this new feature aims to elevate the fan experience by simplifying event tracking and offering opportunities for notifications and exclusive content directly in digital calendars.

The global audience, whether at home or on the go, can now forge a more intimate connection with the sport, gaining instant access to event schedules, broadcast details, and more.

This transformative step marks the beginning of a new relationship between the sport and its fans, where every race, jump, and throw is just a click away.

Embrace the future of athletics engagement by exploring the ‘sync to calendar’ feature on the World Athletics website.

Located on the main competition homepage as well as on certain event pages on the World Athletics website, users can simply click the ‘Add to your calendar’ button and select the events they wish to follow.