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Antoine Griezmann Co-Designs A Football Boot To Celebrate Ten Years Of His Professional Career

19AW Ecom MF TS Football Griezmann Special Edition FUTURE Q4 1536x1536px

Antoine Griezmann, one of the players of the moment, and PUMA sports brand, are celebrating the player’s 10 year anniversary of his professional debut.

To honor this moment, Antoine has co-designed with the PUMA FAM the “Grizi 10-year edition” football boot.

Other than all the goals, awards and trophies, Griezmann’s motivation for playing has always been about enjoying the game to its fullest.

Whether jumping in a car at the side of the stadium in 2010 to his recent ‘glitter’ celebration, Grizi lives up to his motto ‘Win with a Smile’.

“This is a very special boot for me. It tells my story, how I got to get where I am now. Choosing the ten highlights of my life and career has made me think about old times, what I have achieved so far and, I have realized I’m raring for what’s next.”


The ‘Yellow-Alert’ boot FUTURE features a show-stopping Smiley graphic across the upper and his ‘Play with a smile’ motto on the outsole reflecting his positive outlook on the game.

Antoine Griezmann will be wearing a customized version of this special edition FUTURE, with the ten life-defining moments personally chosen by himself, told through the medium of emojis across the outsole: starting with his Real Sociedad debut (02.09.2009), beginning of the relation with his wife Erika (27.12.2011), signing with PUMA (01.07.2010), signing Atlético de Madrid (29.07.2014),

His daughter Mia’s birth date (08.04.2016), his wedding with Erika (15.06.2017), Europe League final (16.05.2018), World cup final (15.07.2018), his son Amaro’s birth date (08.04.2019) and signing for FC Barcelona (12.07.2019).

Antoine Griezmann will wear the Grizi 10-year edition against Albania on September 7th, Andorra on September 10th and, Valencia on September 14th.

The boot will is available in PUMA Stores, and leading football retailers.