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adidas Unleashes X Crazyfast – Pioneering Speed For Every Game Moment

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In a dazzling display of sporting innovation, adidas unveils the highly anticipated X CRAZYFAST collection, an extraordinary range of boots imbued with revolutionary ‘AERO’ advancements engineered to unlock the true essence of speed in every moment of the game.

This groundbreaking release features three distinct models: ‘P+’, ‘P1 Laced,’ and ‘P1 Laceless,’ collectively offering unrivalled speed-focused technology for athletes across all levels of play.

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For those commanding the grand stadiums, exemplified by the extraordinary talents gracing the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023TM, the apex-laced P+ silhouette reigns supreme as our lightest offering, elevating speed to its utmost zenith and representing the epitome of cutting-edge innovation for those reaching the pinnacle of their game.

Notably, the development of X Crazyfast was guided by insights and invaluable input from a balanced gender spectrum, comprising illustrious professional athletes and grassroots players alike, ensuring that the benefits of its extraordinary performance are accessible to all who partake in the beautiful game. ​

Accompanying the esteemed P+ model is the X CRAZYFAST laced and laceless P1 variants, both boasting lightweight and advanced technologies meticulously tailored for footballers of every calibre, harmonizing with diverse price points to cater to an expansive array of aspirations.

Mahsa Aryan, the visionary Global Category Director at adidas Football Footwear, remarks, “The modern game revolves around rapidity and agility, a constant race to seize the ball from one’s opponent.

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Players must exhibit swift thinking and even swifter reactions, leaving no room for distractions. Hence, considering the modernization and accelerated pace of today’s football, the X franchise and its comprehensive offerings have become increasingly paramount.”

By introducing a comprehensive suite of X CRAZYFAST models, adidas empowers footballers across all stages, from the monumental stages of global tournaments to the humble pitches of local parks, equipping them with the means to unleash their utmost potential during the most accelerated moments of the beautiful game.

The paramount highlight across all X CRAZYFAST models lies in the revamped SPEEDFRAME sole plate technology.

A splendid metamorphosis replaces the previous carbon variant with a splendid AEROPLATE insert, shedding an astounding 5 grams of weight from the overall plate.

This enhancement elevates both comfort and responsiveness, while preserving the hallmark design features that propel dynamic movement, culminating in a stud arrangement meticulously engineered to optimize traction during rapid acceleration. The pursuit of swiftness extends seamlessly to the upper of the boot.

The ‘P1’ models radiate excellence with the introduction of the awe-inspiring AEROCAGE innovation, an ingeniously engineered lining meticulously crafted to embrace the mid-foot, providing unparalleled support and stability.

Further elevating the experience is the remarkable AEROPACITY SPEEDSKIN, a single-layer breathable monomesh enveloping the foot, tendering an extraordinary second-skin sensation and absolute comfort.

Taking innovation to new heights, the P+ model bestows upon avid enthusiasts a realm of unparalleled ingenuity, featuring a phenomenally lightweight upper, gracefully sculpted from a single layer of AEROPACITY SPEEDSKIN+, effortlessly fused with the minimalist AEROCAGE+.

This symphony of design optimizes weight reduction while impeccably upholding the imperative elements of support and stability, crucial for navigating high-speed manoeuvres.

For those who seek not only the zenith of speed but also unparalleled stability and support, both P1 models proudly exhibit an engineered PRIMEKNIT collar, delivering the familiar embrace of exquisite comfort and facilitating sublime ball contact.

The discerning athletes may choose between the enthralling options of laceless marvel or the meticulously laced iteration, empowering them with unparalleled

adjustability and control. As part of adidas’ unwavering commitment to curbing plastic waste, all X CRAZYFAST models epitomize eco-consciousness, featuring zero virgin polyesters.

In fact, the X CRAZYFAST P+ model showcases a remarkable 15% reduction in carbon footprint compared to its esteemed predecessor, the X SPEEDPORTAL P+ version1.

The alluring aesthetics of the X CRAZYFAST boot come to life in an elegantly minimalist colour palette, marrying pristine white with the vibrant hues of lucid lemon, rendering a captivating visual experience.

Notably, the prestigious FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 TM will witness the debut of the P+ model, adorning the feet of extraordinary female footballers as they grace the grand stage in this momentous competition.

The all-new X CRAZYFAST collection is now available for sale, commencing July 4th, via football boots, as well as selected adidas stores and retailers.

For further information, please visit or follow the captivating journey on Instagram or Twitter by joining the conversation with @adidasfootball.

  1. Our commitment to calculating the carbon footprint of our products aligns meticulously with the internationally recognized standard, ISO 14067. Every stage, from raw material extraction and processing to packaging and the product’s lifecycle, is carefully considered.