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adidas Unveils Groundbreaking Women’s Football Kit Bag Ahead of Women’s World Cup 2023

FIFA Women’s World Cup Japan - Player

adidas, the renowned sports brand, is set to revolutionize women’s football with its largest-ever women’s football kit bag. Collaborating closely with athletes,

adidas has introduced a series of women’s specific innovations and a host of groundbreaking features, making this kit bag a catalogue of firsts.

With a lineup of ten federations participating in the upcoming Women’s World Cup 2023, Adidas aims to deliver unparalleled support and performance to its players throughout the tournament.

Recognizing the significance of breast support in athletic performance, Adidas has partnered with experts in the field to develop top-of-the-line product solutions and services.

Research has shown that breasts can bounce up to a staggering 11,000 times during a football match, underscoring the importance of adequate support in avoiding distractions, discomfort, and potential injuries.

To ensure optimal support and comfort, each team will receive personalized 1-1 fittings conducted by Adidas’ Expert Fitter collective.


Through a meticulous analysis of individual shapes and physical demands, the perfect fit and support will be achieved. In collaboration with The Bra Professor, Joanna Wakefield Scurr from the University of Portsmouth, players will also be provided with Adidas’ most technically advanced sports bras to further enhance their performance on the field.

In addition to breast support, Adidas is addressing another crucial aspect of women’s football by introducing period support performance shorts in the federation kit base layers.

Designed to provide an extra layer of protection against leaks during play, these shorts incorporate Adidas’ renowned FlowShield Technology.

Recognizing that 75% of female athletes have either experienced or fear experiencing leaks during competition, Adidas has responded directly to the concerns raised by players themselves.

The shorts, available in White, Black, and Arctic Night, will join Adidas’ existing Stay in Play collection, which has been at the forefront of period apparel support in sport since 2021.

Claudia Scholl, Senior Product Manager at Adidas, emphasized the brand’s ambition, stating, “Football can be very physically demanding. Breasts can move up to 19cm during high-impact movements, and players can make 100 sprints in a game, reaching speeds in excess of 20KM/h. Therefore, correctly fitting products are essential.

Through 1:1 fittings, technical sports bras, and discreet period support, we aim to remove barriers unique to women in the sport and create pathways to sport at every level.”

The significance of the kit bag goes beyond its innovative features; it represents a monumental commitment to women’s teams. Adidas will be providing over 1,500% more women-specific apparel, hardware, and footwear to women’s teams than in 2019, ensuring that athletes are equipped from training day to the global stage.

This announcement builds upon previous milestones in Adidas’ dedication to women’s football, such as the launch of the nature-inspired women’s only away kits earlier this year and the introduction of the Oceaunz Official Match Ball.

The Oceaunz ball, equipped with connected ball technology, contributes 1% of its global sales towards Common Goal’s ‘Global Goal 5 Accelerator.’

This initiative aims to increase female participation, representation, and leadership in grassroots football, reflecting Adidas’ commitment to shaping the future of the game.

Ten federations, including Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Jamaica, Italy, Japan, Philippines, Spain, and Sweden, will proudly represent Adidas at this year’s tournament.

The brand’s investment in the women’s game, leading up to the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023TM, marks its most substantial commitment yet.

This commitment encompasses initiatives like CHAMPION THE GIRLS, which provided a significant number of seats to young girls and their role models at the UEFA Women’s Champions League Final 2023 in Eindhoven, fostering a lifelong connection to the sport. Furthermore, Adidas’ dedication to grassroots women’s football extends to more markets and territories than ever before.