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How Adidas Are Honouring Black Excellence

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Adidas are actively acknowledging the fact that there is no picture of sport, culture, or adidas without the Black community

And in the pivotal role of the Black Community, adidas have sought to create Honoring Black Excellence (HBE), an initiative dedicated to recognizing the achievements of Black individuals year-round.

The program relies on three fundamental pillars:

  • Providing under-served youth with access to skill development, mentorship and sport resources by connecting and unlocking opportunities in partnership with the adidas local communities, non-profit partners and creator network.
  • Creating visibility by using their brand platforms to hero the stories of change-makers that are striving to make positive impact in their communities.
  • Holding themselves accountable to shape a more inclusive narrative that aims to shift mindsets, helping to overcome harmful stereotypes with powerful stories of black excellence.

Often initiatives around black excellence focus on history rather than the present or future. adidas Honoring Black Excellence is acknowledging, appreciating and celebrating Black leaders who are here with us right now, driving change for today and a better tomorrow.

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Throughout this year adidas will highlight honourees from different sports and regions. From Compton to Atlanta, they will spotlight Black communities built by leaders — who are changing our world one neighbourhood at a time.  

This is just the beginning, looking ahead adidas will continue to celebrate the Black Community, partnering and co-creating with them. We must honor black excellence for the same reason there are statues, memorials, streets and dates celebrating those who choose to be a part of creating a more just and equitable world.

Get to know our honorees

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