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Meet Martial Arts Expert Turned Actor – Wayne Rogers

Wayne Rogers

With over 41 years of Martial Arts training that began at the tender age of 4, Wayne Rogers has always been a showstopper. From wrestling in America to medieval reenactment battles, he’s showcased his flair for performance. At 25, he plunged into the world of acting, starting at Nottingham’s famed tourist attraction, The Tales of Robin Hood. Despite the challenges of unscripted roles, he honed his craft with local plays and a brief stint in the army.

After a medical discharge, opportunity knocked. Wayne joined Combat International and contributed to renowned film projects like “Robin Hood,” “Eagle of the 9th,” “Snow White and the Huntsman,” “Captain America,” “Thor 2,” “Transformers: The First Knight,” and now, the new film “Chaos Rising.” which smashed 100k views in it’s first week of release. Throughout his career, Wayne has worked on over 20 major productions as a combat professional.

With Choas Rising -Wayne has tried his hand at acting, with his debut starring role as the character Gorthax.  Chaos Rising is an action film inspired by the Warhammer universe; the film is available on YouTube to watch now.