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Actiph Water: The UK’s First Ever Ionised Alkaline Water Has Arrived

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With our bodies being made up of 70% water and our brains around 85% – ensuring we are sufficiently hydrated throughout the day with good quality H2O is essential for our health.

Research shows that even 2% dehydration – negatively affects physical performance by 30% and decreases cognitive function (attention, memory and mood state). 

Say hello to Actiph Water, the first alkaline ionised bottled water to be launched, and made, in the UK.

Think water 2.0: the better tasting and advanced hydrating cousin of ordinary water. That’s right, drinking water will never be the same again and neither will you.

Actiph is ionised water produced by purifying spring water, adding essential electrolytes and is supercharged through ionisation to pH 9 or higher.

It’s time to power up your health & life with Actiph

Actiph Water benefits at a glance: 

  • Advanced rehydration for peak mental & physical performance
  • Ionised water proven to hydrate faster than ordinary water 
  • Unique blend of electrolytes and minerals to improve rehydration 
  • Ionised to a high pH 9 or higher
  • Ionisation removes acidic ions leaving a clean & smooth taste
  • Purified spring water from Shropshire 
  • BPA free plastic and 100% recyclable 
  • Available in glass bottles
  • Zero calories, zero sugar, zero sweeteners, zero caffeine 

It’s time to up your hydration game and perform at your best with the power of pH 9+  

Alkaline ionised water was brought to the UK by 7 x Guinness World Record holder Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, whose crew drank diluted sea water when rowing across the gruelling Indian Ocean and discovered it gave them greater power and sustained energy levels.

Jamie realised how important hydration is for performance and started a quest to produce the healthiest and most effective water possible, and so Actiph Water was born. 

Actiph Water is made by purifying natural spring water from Wenlock Spring in Shropshire, adding electrolytes, then supercharging by ionisation.

It guarantees to be the smoothest and most refreshing water around.  

Founder Jamie Douglas-Hamilton comments: “As both an endurance athlete and an entrepreneur I have experienced the vast mental and physical difference between having adequate hydration levels and not.

Creating Actiph was something I was truly passionate about and I wanted to create a hydration product that would enable people to feel the benefits of improved cognitive function and sustained energy levels that would allow them to achieve more and feel far better when doing so”.

With water this hydrating and tasty, it’s easier than ever to make the switch to alkaline ionised water and support your balanced, active lifestyle.

Ready to take on the challenge? Switch to Actiph Water for two weeks and reap the benefits of improved hydration. 

Are you ready to achieve more every day?

Actiph Water is available to buy in 600ml sports bottle (RRP £1.39), 1 litre screw top (RRP £1.99), 330ml glass bottle (RRP £1.49) and 750ml glass bottle (RRP £2.19), from Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods, WHSmith and independent health food stores or online at Ocado and Amazon. 

For more information on Actiph please visit